Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Collection Haul

If you missed this collection... then you missed a lot! Makeup collection certainly doesn't come cheap but this one in particular I think is worth the "investment". If one can't afford a couture from karl lagerfeld, the God of fashion, then at the very least, you can get something of his own creation through the 2012 Holiday collection of Shu Uemura.

Made from his very own hands, Mr. Lagerfeld created Monshu girl using shu uemura eyeshadows. Mon Shu he says brings beauty to all women. It transform you from plain jane to a glamourous goddess.

Karl for shu Mon Shu Red rouge unlimited lipstick

Karl for shu nail polish in shu shu red shu shu red

Karl for Shu Mini Lashes

Le sigh.. they are so pretty!

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  1. Hi Shen, would you know how much the mini lashes are?

  2. The packaging on this is so adorable!


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