Caronia's Miss Mystic Carries Over to 2013's Latest Trends

Initially, these Caronia Miss Mystic Collection where sent to me pre-Holiday. Unfortunately, work and back-blogs (plus the whirlwind events of the Holiday season) got to me. But I'd like to share this with you, no matter how delayed,  caoz I really liked everything in the collection. Inspired by the color of season, these three shade are great accent-makers for the festive Holidays.

But use them singularly, you still get a fabulous set of nail colors! Looking at this collection, the style still carries over to 2013. Check out how to rock Miss Mystic Collection this year!

For the Holidays, I wore all colors together! Can't wait to wear them individually this year!

Red nails never go out of style. Rouge is a true red with a hint of orange that I think flatters a lot of women with yellow undertone. It's sort of muted but still packs quite a punch for a red polish. It has a reguar finish for a classic feel.

Taupe definitely is a shade to use for the 2013. Nude nails or earth-tone shades are in and Taupe brings that character one still wants in a polish. I am just love how it can instantly bring that edgy sophistication to your whole look.

Moss is definitely the shade to use this season if you're not quite there to rock the luxe shade of 2013, emerald green. It's a deep green shade that has that earth-y vibe. Military or utilitarian shades are also in for the latter part of the year... heck, why wait when you can rock it now?

And that's it for the Miss Mystic Collection. :) I hope you like them as much as I did.

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  1. the best color for me is Taupe. I love it's choco rich color. rouge is also one of my most used shades too!

  2. That moss color looks interesting. How was the formula?


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