Black Beauty Hair Color | DIY Hair Color at home

Getting my hair colored got me thinking that I have yet to share with you a nice product I discovered a few months back! For those girls
who can't shell out just yet a few thousand for a salon hair color service, you can always go to the drugstore (or in our case, Watson's or SM Department Store) and get yourself a box of hair coloring product.

I've only tried one from Garnier and recently, this one... Black Beauty's Hair Color. I have surpassed the fear of using hair color that comes in a box since there's a lot of tutorials online to help ease the panic when coloring your self at home. 

Read away the description! :)

Now to prepare you, I advise buying at least 2 boxes of Black Beauty Hair Color especially if you have long and thick made I do. I love this product but 1 box isn't enough to cover all my hair.

Second is to follow instructions down to a T. Don't skip, don't pretend to know your hair better. If you're not sure with the instructions, check out YouTube or visit blogs who have reviews and tutorials about DIY hair coloring. Most brand shave the same products inside the box so you won't hardly get confused about it.

It's always great to have someone help you out especially in reaching the parts of your head/hair you can't see. But if you don't. let patience be your friend and just go on. Never stop at the middle of coloring your hair.

You see the products above? That's what's inside the Black Beauty Hair Color Box. A tube with color activator, the tube of the actual color, gloves and conditioner.

Mixing and taking the color in the tube can be a bit tedious as the cream (color) had a sort of toothpaste consistency that makes it a bit harder to get that even creaminess. But it all worked out in the end.

Like when you get your hair colored at the salon, after care maintenance is still important. More so, if you ask me. Follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week (Black Beauty has various hair care products that helps lessen the dryness that's caused by hair color). Your hair will thank you for it. :)

Disclaimer: If you're a kid reading this and wants to do this on your own, I highly suggest not to. Always ask permission or seek help from your parents. :)

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