Styling Products I Use For My Digipermed Hair

A lot of you have been asking what products I use in my now digipermed hair. So sorry that i have been remissed answering them. When it comes to hair, I feel that my confidence falters
a bit as I have very little experience about and I don't think that my advise would matter to any of you. But since I have a few things to say about them anyway, i might as well share.

Unlike my skin care, my hair care products changes almost everyday. Shampoo and conditioner depends on my hair's present state. So it varies. i may be using Snoe eauty Inc.'s Hair Heroes today or I might be using Kerastase.

One thing is for sure, I almost never use now department store brand shampoo with my hair's curmt status as it contains chemicals that temd to make them drier (especially with chemically-processed hair)and washes the color that makes it dull. Of course, I'm also lucky brands send me products to try now and then.

And so we move on to other products I use to maintain curly/wavy locks i have now.


First is always a hair serum. At a young age (about 14 or 15), my mom supplied me with hair lotion or serum to protect my hair from the sun. One of the best I've tried so far in my adult years is the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complex. I've been using Kerastase Oleo Relaxe for a few years now but this specific serum have changed my life -or my hair. Whichever applies first. Lol. With nourishing ingredinets like maize, argan, pracaxi and _____, it changed the way I see hair serum.

How I use it:
  • Before bathing as pre-cleanse
  • After bathing to close hair cuticles
  • Before blow-dry, flat iron or curling iron at heat protectant
  • Anytime my hair choose to misbehave (flatten out baby hair or hair frizz)
  • A 25-centavo size dallop is good amount. Concentrate on the tips of the hair and work your way upward.
  • Of course you don't exactly have to do everything I mentioned above. Great way to use this is always after bathing when your hair is halfway dry. It tames hair frizz and protects your hair from heating tools and the sun. It acts a s a moisturizer and you'll see what I mean once you've tried it.

A curl's best friend is the mousse, if you ask me. Good thing I already have a bottle at home since I've been curling my hair for a few months before getting my digipermed.

Now to get the maximum boost of curls, sectioning is important when distributing the product. Don't just slather it all over. Mousse helps hold the curl and if you apply it by section, the better and the longer the hold will be. So take time to section your hair in to 4 or more (if you want the curls to be tighter), and apply the mousse along each section. Twist it and let it be fora minute or two. Loosen the section and let it bounce in your palm.

Bounce Whip is incredible at giving me natural looking waves. Sad thing is I'm not sure where do to get this since I think this is only available at salons pr only availablemfor salon use. Better chum up your stylist to get a hold of this. :)

Of course hair spray is a must. :) It's the cornerstone of every great hairstyle.This one I grabbed as it's the cheapest at that time. I think I got this at Landmark or Watsons, but I'm sure you can get just about anything. There are a lot of hairspray out there. I suggest you get your hands on Elnett though as it has the best set and hold from all the hairsprays I've tried.

Last is the L'Oreal Perfect Shimmer that acts as a hihglighter. Since my hair is lighter, dryness of it is a lot more obvious. Using this lessens that as it lends instant shine to my hair. You can skip re-applying your serum if you're using this. This is also available at the salon.
Other than these, I seldom put anything on my hair. I also wash my hair very other day now and make sure that I deep condition every time I do. I also use products that are free from SLS.

My advise, try to not buy anything yet except for a serum and mousse. Throw out those fine toothed combed and brushes. Go for wide-toothed ones. :) And just enjoy your hair. There will days that you'll be so lazy and that's okay. Just don't make a habit of it. Permed hair may require more attention but it doesn't mean your world should resolve around it. So have fun and don't stress over it so much. :)

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  1. is L'Oreal mousse good in holding curls (i.e. making them natural and not stiff)? I have a problem using Schwarzkopf Osis mousse as it makes my curls stiff when I use it :(

  2. I thought your hair is naturally curl Shen. It's so pretty it suits you. :)

  3. Suave (green bottle) & Finess (curl defining) are good affordable mousses :) I also use a wide tooth acca kappa comb to untangle my hair in the shower. Human <3 Nature Shampoos and Comditioners are also affordable and sls free :)

  4. I recently tried the Suave mousse too! It makes my digipermed hair softer compared to Schwarzkopfs! And way cheaper too! I tried comparing the ingredients but got too dizzy with the chemical terms lol.


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