Haul: New Shoes, Brow Set and iPhone Casing

After a meeting at a prestige car showroom in EDSA, I decided to go to Megamall. After all, I was already dealing with the horrible traffic... Why not go all out and head on to one of the most visited mall in the city? Thankfully though, getting to Megamall didn't take that long coming from EDSA cor Ortigas. Got there in less than 30 minutes.

And oohhh!! I was able to get into the right lane of EDSA, to the left lane! One of the things I was scared of because of all the buses and the aggressive drivers!

Parking wasn't a pain to look for either.. Though i hate it when the carwash boys help me park when i don't need them and even if I tell them I'm okay they don't budge and you still end up having to give them a tip. Only in the Philippines... Hai.

I first headed to St. Francis Square to look for a nice iPad Case and i did find one but I will not be posting it here because it's an imitation of a really popular casing and i feel bad posting it here. But I was desperate to gt my iPad into a thinner case without breaking the bank. I can't justify buying a Php1 to 3,000 worth of iPad case at this point.

But the same can't be said for makeup and shoes. Look what I came home with last night. :)

Got these gorgeous pair for only Php1199!

I was about to splurge on a pair of nude pumps from Nine West. But knowing that there are a lot of shoe store that merits checking out, I didn't buy what I was eyeing for there. So I headed to SM Department Store. That wasn't successful though. I didn't like anything there. At a whim, I went to Celine after seeing their Big Php500 off SALE Sign. I immediately gravitated to these pair. A taupe patent peeptoes that will go well with all of my work clothes and then some.

Yes! I got both! :)

I was at FOREVER 21 before hitting up Watsons but somehow i came out of it empty-handed. Clothes there got so expensive. Gone are the days I would purchase a Php500 cotton dress or a Php450 legging. Everything there now are Pho600 and up. Not within my budget range for clothing.

For makeup though, it's a whole different ball game. I didn't bat an eyelash at getting the two shade of Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist, their brow set mascaras. It's my HG Brow Set.for years, I've been a loyal MAC Girl Boy brow set loyalist but Not anymore. I love MJ's version. :)

And look what I got at St. Francis Square! A new iPhone case.

I was never really interested with hard plastic casings. I like them easy to remove in case I need to charge them with my extra battery pack. But I fell in love with the mint casing and the sakura tree and cute character. I went back a few time at the store just to check it out and i finally gave in. Lol. Isn't pretty. :)
That's it for my latest haul! See in a jiff!

Oh! Who's going to the Krave Minerale Event today? Hope to see you there!

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  1. thebeautyjunkee12/1/13 8:06 PM

    I gotta grab those Lash and Brow colorist tubes too. Mine's already dry. But I'm still trying to milk it though. :p


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