Meet my new BFF, Kristn!

I've been chumming with Krstn for months now. She's my go-to girl for everything because like me, she has a lot of interests. From fashion to beauty, travel to movies, gadgets and the latest news!

And a week ago, it officially launched and it was one spectacular event hosted by none other than the beautiful statuesque Divine Lee and everyone's favorite leading man, Derek Ramsey. Kristn Team prepared a fun-filled evening with a fashion show, a energetic band as well as DJ Callum that kept the girls swooning. :) Oh! And there were tons and tons of giveaways and raffles, too!

More after the jump!

Meet Trixie Reyna, she's the editor-in-chief of and doing quite a splendid job with everything. I've known her for awhile and I couldn't be more happier for her success with Kristn!

Divine Lee and Derek Ramsey

Rica Peralejo, resident blogger for and outgoing beauty editor, Ronna Bonifacio.

Friends from Unilever. Nell, Nikki and Gem.

Registration area, high-tech, right?

Friends from SprintAsia, Denise, M and Donna. :)

Blogger and PR friends, Mikki and Martin. :)

A toast to Digital is the future! :)

And for dessert, DJ Callum!

Saw one of my favorite PR girl, Kezia!

Just had to post this fab picture of Ronna. I just love how she rocked the dress with her ever so blessed pregnant belly! She looks glowing, happy and totally content! :)

Definitely, there's a lot of things to be happy about at!

Have you visited Kristn? Go on! Visit her at and make her your new digital go-to girl. :)

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  1. now i too, will have a go to girl! thnks for this post! :)


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