Urban Woman: Where to Shop Online! (For those stuck to their desks)

I just realized that we're lucky when it comes to getting what we want. In my day, we dealt with sellers we're unsure of, paid for unreasonable shipping prices, lost packages at the post office and we had to borrow credit cards from others!

Now, they are the things of the past! Sharing with you guys, some of the best online hubs I've tried for the past year that worked, hassle-free and made me so excited to shop online.

Operated by the girls and gents of Summit, all those fashionable things you see in magazines are now easily spotted at TheMall.ph! And they quickly bring to directly to the store or seller. They even have this app that allows you to mix and match items and include them on your wishlist.

What I like: They cater to local online shops which directs be immediately. It's a smorgasbord of items that allows me to choose by inspiration without having to through all the albums of the shops. TheMall.ph acts like a stylist/beauty consultant for girls who are clueless about the products.

What I don't: Some online shops don't answer immediately.

Well, the tagging can get pretty annoying. But honestly, it helps sometimes. Been looking for a Casio watch, Marc Jacobs tote or just a new shade of lipstick? The shops come to you! Inquiring for value, shipping, etc. has never been easy. And most of the time, mode of payment is easy (bank transfer/deposit, gcash, paypal). And the mot beautiful thing about it is that you don't have to jump from one browser page to another another (except when browsing through albums).

What I like: It's pretty accessible since I'm on facebook 80% of the time. Everything is there and I get to share what I want to purchase to my friends and get some advise if I should go for it or not.

What I don't: Tagging and posting on my wall about products I'm not interested about.

It's amazing how Zalora has grown and the efforts they've put in to their fashionable e-commerce site have paid off. They have amazing items, has free delivery and easy steps in paying. I just love that whenevr I put in hours upon hours of choosing which item to buy, paying isn't difficult! They accept ALL kinds of payment! From Cash on delivery to credit card, they accept it. It just makes eeryeverything so easy.

Best of all, items arrives on time and secuyred in a chic Zalora box.

What I like: Convenience and easy-navigation of the site. I type what I like and it shows specfically what I asked for. Payment is super fast and shipping doesn't cost much or it's often FREE! Oh! You can browse by size and color which helps with eliminating wanting something that you can't have.

What I don't: Stocks are limited which can get frustrating. I wish they would just immediately pull it down. LOL.

Ever since Multiply revamped their site and made it a legit e-commerce, shopping there has been a breeze. If the shop is a legit partner, you can just keep on clicking buy me and at the end, no matter how many different shops you buy from, paying them only takes one time and one click. Best of all, you can pay them via credit card. Something I know a lot of has been wishing for a year or two ago.

What I like: They have the widest range of products that allows me to window shop for hours. I am quite sentimental about multiply since I first created my online shop there. Also, you can get Charm, Digital Traincase, Stuff in Style and Makeupholics there!

What I don't: Shipping can accumulate and cost a lot especially when you shop from different online stores.

I'm not kidding! Finally, we now have the option to buy from international websites. Thanks to Globe Gcash America Express Virtual Card.

What I like: ALL THE PRODUCTS!! They practically have every brand I love! And Samples! They are generous with samples. :)

What I don't: Nothing!! I love Sephora. Thanks to Globe Gcash American Express Virtual Card, I get to shop at the most popular beauty online store in the world!

it's amazing how convenient things are now. Can you imagine how difficult our lives wouldm be and how little  we can accomplish if not for the advancement in technologies? Although physical/actual window shopping is still a top for me.

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  1. Hi Ms. Shen! If you buy from US online shopping sites using the GCASH Amercan Express, are the items delivered straight to your doorstep? I'm really curious as this might be a way to bypass the Philippine Post Office. I've had tons of bad experiences with how they compute the taxes. Thanks.

  2. If i buy from US and want to parcel it in other country then is it possible to do?


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