Hair and Makeup Trends/Forecast for 2013

Curious what's up for 2013, beauty department-wise?

Here's a few I've seen both on Spring/Summer 2013 fashion and beauty trends and some that's making it's way from the past few months.

Long luscious lashes - lash extension salons will love this new trend and so do you, I promise. Nothing like long lashes to give that quick perk-me-up look. Curled and columized lashes do help enhance anybody's features and immediately draw positive attention. i-Lash salon so far is the only lash extenstion salon I've tried and they have great service. Can't commit? go for Majolica Majorca Lash King for bold lashes. Seriously, that mascara is the bomb!

Braids - one trend that Iwould not be able to follow unless I get someone do this for me. Seen on many fashion runways, the Katniss Everdeen hair trend is not wanning one bit. So, go on youtube and practice the fishtail, french or whatever braid that you want to perfect. Keep your hair in tip top shape with Syoss Professional Performance Repair Therapy. Braids can be a bit harsh on the hair, you know.

Strong brows - Brooklyn Shield's will be happy to hear this. I love that strong brows are in. But try toning down the colors when doing strong brows. ontouring best pair strong brows. Define your eyes, cheeks and nose. Use pencil liner instead of gel or eyeliner for a softer touch.

Vintage-y hair - think volume and curls. Classic hair look that makes you think of Norma Jean Baker and Katherine Hepburn. Nothing like short bangs or cropped up 'do. More on waves and natural allure. So, whip out those roller and silk night cap and wake up to wavy locks everyday! I love using Bounce Whip Mousse from L'oreal Professionel. It's the best!

Metallic Eyes - a trend I'm dying to try out again. Been pretty tamed for the past year and I think with the economy booming, designers and brands aren't afraid to use colors and metallic is one of it. With lots of mineral makeup made from Ellana Minerals, Krave Minerals and Virginia Olsen, creating this look is easy!

Nude Nail Polishes - Something's got to give this season, and nails have taken the bullet. Taupe, pail pink, tans will be the best choices for this season. No worries, nude nails actually exudes elegance and class. Something I think many of us, working women will appreciate. I like Caronia's Touch of Beige and Touch of Tan (I know many who will agree with me on this!).

Bright Red Lips - Yes, no need to put those holiday red lips to rest. You can still whip them out from time to time this season MAC Red and Lady Danger are a good choice. My favorite? Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion.

Deep Side Part hair - a carry on of the strong brows look. Sleek hair pairs well with the dimension of strong brows. Structured is the key for the season and one of the best way to achieve it is through this kind of hair look. Don't forget to apply a bit of Kerastase Elixir Ultime for a sleeker and shiny hair. On a budget, Snoe Beauty Hair Glaze will do!

Matte Lips - a trend that will never waiver. Why not? It's the best lippies there is. No matter how drying some matte lipstick formulas are, it still gives that flattering look, especially for pouty lips like mine. Go for the Shu Uemura Matte Rouge Deluxe or Bobbi Brown Matte Lipsticks. I just love these, too. Of course, no need to mention MAC's Ruby Woo.

I'm glad I'm not seeing a lot of those dewy finish makeup look and that trends now play on our features than entirely change them.

What are you excited about for this year's beauty trend? :)

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  1. I love your vintage-y hair, Ms. Shen! :) what color is that?

  2. first commenter hahha. good morning miss shen! anyway thnk u sa tips mo. dto ko nalamn un emerald green as color for dis year kaya nmn bonggang bongga ang green nail polish ko. ill try nga lagyan ng nail art ang nude polish parang d ako sanay n tamed lang ang nails ko.

    looking forward to more beauty tips from u

  3. Alexandra Fernando2/1/13 9:56 PM

    I'd like to try Syoss Professional Performance Repair Therapy. Where can I buy it and for how much? :)


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