Shen's Addiction's The Beauty Project 2013

  • If you're reading this blog and saw a red lipstick you want to try... go ahead!
  • If you stumbled upon a treatment that you think would address your skin pigmentation.. go ahead and try it!
  • If you saw a skin care that you think would lessen your pimples... go ahead, get it!
  • If you a saw a blue shadow and want to try it, go ahead, experiment with it!

Being vain doesn't not equate to you not caring about the RH Bill or the people who got affected by typhoon Pablo. You can still be industrious and could possibly inspire other people with makeup on and heel-less shoes!

I'm proud to say that I'm met girls who loves to collect makeup, try out adventurous looks and those that created a life around the beauty world who are inspiring, motivated and have shared themselves with the community in so many ways.

Because you don't have to make a grand gesture to change someone's life. When you do good, no matter how small... it echoes and becomes this magnificent action that just touches everyone's heart and most often, change lives!

People like my dear friends. Sophie, who has inspired me to become the beauty blogger that I am now. Brigitte who never fails to help out with her family and friends (me included). Phoebe who took in stray animals into her home. Tara who involves herself with her company CSR's and Nikki, who never fails to put a smile on our faces and encourages us all the time to take a look at ourselves in a positive light. And of course, Dang, who not only talk about beauty on her blog but also about how to through life with her inspiring stories and realization.

There's Frances Amper-Sales who never sacrificed looking good while being super mom and blogger! Same goes for Rowena Wendy Lei who completely transformed herself and are now sharing and inspiring others to do the same. There's my fashion blogger friend, Aisa Ipac, one of the 3 women who created Blogger's United and have always been supportive of many charitable institutions. 

My Quorum sisters who are not only beauty and brains but also gives back all the blessings they receive through constant charitable causes.

Friends from numerous brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and MAC who gives back by supporting Breast Cancer and HIV Awareness. Snoe Beauty, Zen Zest, Colour Collection, AvonSunDance and L'oreal Philippines who provide women with affordable beauty products and cosmetics to reach more women and provide them with opportunities and employment.

I could name more... and the list would just go on and on and on! I have met a lot of women who not only rock bouncy curls, ox blood lips or bodycon dresses but also a pure heart.

A guy friend pointed out to me that being maarte or vain does not equate to you slathering sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Getting a makeover and changing your beauty and fashion choices does't make you a vain person. It only shows that you care enough about yourself to give extra effort in maintaining it. Making sure the look your best as you change the world.

I know I live in a world where in wearing a liquid foundation almost every day of my life isn't a taboo. But for many girls out there, it's quite a difficult thing to do. If it's for work and school, I advise that you adhere to the regulations. But outside of it... like I said, go for it!

Beauty and fashion is a world often scoffed by people but if you take a closer look, when you look inside our hearts, we are just regular women trying to make way in this world full of trials and judgments.

That's why by 2013, I want to do something great for someone. I want you to send in your stories and tell me how you want to change your life through beauty and how you've changed the lives of others. Better yet, why not send in a story of a friend who you think would enjoy a beauty day out and a makeover! And finally change her perceptive about beauty and what it entails.

I'm not yet sure how I am to go about this, but I want to help someone overcome that fear of being called vain or maarte. I want to share that caring for yourself or wanting that bright red lipstick isn't a bad thing... :)

The world of beauty changed my life... It's blessing that I can't even fathom to explain. Meeting great friends along the way, getting inspired day by day with the women in the industry and sharing with you every bit of learning...  I didn't know that being proud to try on that blue eye shadow would eventually inspire someone to try it out themselves. I didn't know that loving beauty and everything comes with it, I would also become a voice to many who can't do outside of their homes.

What I require at the most:
  • The story should be inspiring, empowering and motivational.
  • Must have done something for the community (small or big, just send them in)
  • Age: between 18 to 45 years old

The most inspiring story will be featured on Shen's Addiction, a personal makeover and a basic makeup and grooming workshop from yours truly!

Hopefully I can round up sponsors for this but if not.. well, that's alright! :) I think I can round up some of the blessings I already have to help someone see how beautiful they truly are. :)

Deadline of sending of entries is on January 31, 2013. I don't mind receiving the stories with photos, videos, etc. :)

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  1. ayyy ms sheng love this girl this is so inspiring. i actually just stumbled upon a youtube girl afflicted with cancer and shes really inspirong. her name is talia castellano. shes so inspiring she vlogs even if shes in d hospital. as it turns out she became a covervirl beauty ambasador.

    i will try my besu to inspire others with my simple srory. how can particiapnts send their entries?


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