Tech Tuesday: Simplism DockStrap and DockCarabiner

Simplism is such a beautiful word. It is void of complexities, it's simplicity at it's finest. When I was introduced with Simplism, I was both delighted and amused. Unique accessories for lil 'ol me who knows very little about gadgets. I would never have imagined getting myself these things and yet I did! It's cute, useful and totally adds that personality to an otherwise straightforward.

Meet Simplism Dock Strap and Dock Carariber, a unique way of keeping your Apple products near at hand.

Who here miss those tiny wholes where in you can attach an ID strap to your phones? I do! I lose my things easily and I'm not sure if its the smoking or that dementia runs in the family but I frequently misplaces things. I'm the kind of person who looks for a pen while I'm holding it! I'm that Forgetful! (cue: Forgetful Lucy song from 50 First Dates). My friends can attest to the fact that I am always misplacing something in my bag and will be freaking out not knowing that it's just one of the pouches.

Add to that the number of things I need to remember in a day. I can't risk losing my phone. I seriously can't. So at work, Simplism Dock Strap was the solution I thought of to resolve my forgetfulness. I can't believe I'm talking about remembering things and I'm only 29 years old! Yikes!

Although I usually prefer black or white for my iPhone accessories, going fr orange or any bright color makes it easier to spot inside my bag.

The Caribiner is actually for the BF's iTouch. :)

And I love how secured the connectors are on my iPhone. You can remove it unless you press the button on each side and even then, you need a bit of strength or effort to take it off. It's "nakaw" or "hablot" proof. :)

No worries with regular iPhone casings, Simplism DockStrap and DockCarabiner fits most kinds. :)

Where to buy Simplism DockStrap and DockCarabiner:

Switch, Digital Hub, iStudio, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, Power Mac Center, iCenter, E-Central, Power Hub, Sidrah, 8Telcom, Gui, The Inbox Store, Technoholics.

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