K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Review | Photos, Swatches, FOTD

I welcome September, the beginning of ber months and my birthday month, with a product review. I did a review on other K Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pen before and it's been one of my favorite products. It even earned a place in my makeup kit. 

This time it's the K Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow pens (Php1,050 at Beauty Bar). It's a new type of eyebrow pen that now has a powder tip to help mimic the hair and make your brows look more natural.

It's been said time and again that eyebrows makes a difference in making us look beautiful and polished. But most of the time, it intimadates us. Why wouldn't we be? After seeing shows like Betty La Fea, movies like Blusang Itim and Hiram na Mukha... I, too, was scared to touch my brows for fear of adding on too much and make myself a character worthy of Han Solo's right-hand man, Chewbaka.

But alas! Fear no more, ladies. If I can do my brows (decently, if not spectacularly), then so can you! 

And here are the swatches, of course:

01 Chocolate Brown suits tanned skin better. This is the one I use. Far better for those with warm undertone.
02 Honey Brown is great for those with fair skin. I've tried using it and it's okay, but I like 01 better.

01 and 02 K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pens

What I love about the K-Palette 2Way Eyebrow

1. Surprisingly easy to use with practice
2. Can easily mimic real hair.
4. It's pen type so it's easy to bring anywhere with you!
5. Stays on for hours!
6. Sweat and waterproof
7. Cost-effective

What I don't...

1. It take time to get used to this product
2. May not be affordable for some people.

Below are some information about K Palette 2Way Eyebrow that you can find at the back of the packaging.
Thanks to Beauty Box Corp for translating the Japanese language so we can understand what we're buying. :)

Here's a diagram on how to use  K Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow with Before and After photos.

Loving my brows!

And for a full FOTD! :)

What do think? :) Have you tried any K Palette? What about their Lasting 2Way Brow Pens? :)
Post your comments about this product below! I'd love to know your thoughts about it.

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