K-Palette's First Bloggers Event in the Philippines

Meet Noriko Imura, makeup to the stars, sought after by various beauty and fashion magazine. The past 20 years has certainly been good for her, with training under Linda Mason and Takayasu Kanehara, she is now the head trainer for K Palette, responsible its product development.

Like with K Palette, Noriko's expertise is making eyes bigger. A talent I'm sure Japanese women looks for in their makeup artist.

Our model for the day is Aimee Uy, she's got gorgoues skin and her eyes are a makeup artist's dream. :)

Take a look at Noriko's makeup tool belt. :) I want!

Noriko's technique in base and foundation application show a lot of face prep, priming. She also uses sponge and finger-blending technique.

Did you know that "kuma" means bear and undereye bags in Japanese? I didn't know that. Thanks to our host Aisaku who shared important information about K Palette products.

Look what I did with the K Palette eyeliner samples we have on our table.

This is Aisaku Yokogawa, our host! :) He's pure Japanese and speaks fluent Tagalog. He's also our intrepreter that day for Ms. Noriko Imura. He's a jazz artist, singer, commercial model. He is Mr. Kari in the Lucky Me commercial, remember? :)

Now, on to the lessons. Ms. Noriko provided us with some cool tips on how to groom our brows using the K Palette products. she taught us how to do natural to glamorous brows. It's important to remember that our brows should match our eyeliner. If our brows are natural-looking, s should our eyeliner for a balanced makeup look.

Cool tips: Trace from your nose to know how long your brows should be for a glamorous look. This means, your brows are longer and thinner in the ends.
Trace from you lips for a natural effect. This means that your brows are shorter looking normal or natural. :)

Here is Ms. Noriko showing us a diagram on how to properly line our eyes.

Here's the full diagram including her tips.

Natural-looking lined eyes by Ms. Noriko Imura

Let's wing it for a more gorgeous look!

and yes, K-Palette can be used on the lower lash line. BUT don't use this to waterline your eyes please!

I love this! It looks avant garde, noh?

Add some lashes at the corner to make eyes fuller! :)

Puffy eyes and dark eyes are caused by bad blood circulation, Noriko Imura taught us a simple massage technique on how to improve circulation around the eye area using shiatsu technique.

Michelle of MrsMartinezRantsandRaves gets a makeover and was shown on how to line her eyes. We learned a lot during this part especially that most of us in the room are practicing makeup artistry in other people. :)

Michell now have the mature yet Kawaii look that are now in trend in Japan. :)

Beauty bloggers who braved the storm! :)

Angel, Jheng, Jaimie and I. We miss you Sophie, Nikki and Tara!

Michelle, Rowena, Angela and Cheryl.

Donna with another fellow beauty blogger (So sorry, I can't remember her name). Huhuhuhu!

Aisaku with Ms. Cheryl!

Cheryl, president of Beautybox Corp (sole distributor of K-Palette in the PH); Sharon Kwek and Mr. Soh, regional head in Singapore K-Palette and beautiful girls from Beauty Bar who accomodated all of us at the event.

Meet Cheryl, she's the reason why we now enjoy K-Palette products!
Thanks so much for inviting us. We had a great time. :)

Ms. Noriko! Please visit us again soon! :)

Even though the rain kept on pouring that day, it's always nice to meet women who are successful in the beauty industry. And it was also great to learn again another makeup philosophy from a very talented makeup artist like Ms. Noriko.

I also learned that K in K-Palette stood for the creator and owner of the brand, Mr. Kinoshita. I was honored to meet the heir to the K Palette industry. Did you know that they use to only sell beauty products to salons? When they entered the retail business they mainly focused on the basic needs of women when it comes to cosmetics. They pride themselves in having the best materials, best formulations and of course customer care that clearly sets them apart from other Japanese cosmetic brands.

I've reviewed two of their best-selling products, the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting
Eyeliner Waterproof and their K-Palette 24H Real Lasting
Eyebrow Liner and both I've hailed Holy Grails.

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