L'Occitane's Get On Board for Sight Soaps | Beauty for Charity

Can you ever imagine being visually impaired? Not being able to apply your own makeup or see the people that you love!

I can't... I think my world would end if that happens. I can't imagine how the 280 million in the world who are visually impaired manages to live... but the sad part is that 80% of that is could have been prevented. That is why it's important to always have yourself checked. Make sure that everything in you is functioning well. We have that luxury. Give or take a few tubes or lipstick or a few cups of your favorite coffee drinks, we can get ourselves checked out to see if we're doing well.

But not everyone has that luxury. That's why we have to be thankful for people that go out of their way and build their lives around helping others. Like the people of NGO Orbis, the flying eye hospital that provides medical aid to rural villages that has no access to a decent health care.

Every year, L'Occitane supports Orbis thorugh the sales of a cute line of soaps shaped in an airplane wearing sunglasses. Obviously inspired by the Orbis plane.

These soap contains shea butter that will leave your hands soft and supple and a chance to help visually impaired children all over the world.

Get yours now! They are available at Rustan's Department Store in Shangri-la, Glorietta and Ayala Center Cebu.

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  1. cheenee sy19/6/12 2:20 AM

    hi ms.shen, how much is the soap cost?...it's cute.^_^


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