Skin Care Review: Nourishing Night Oil | Enriched with Vitamin E

I am one of those girls who are adamant to not use moisturizers. I have extremely oily skin and I just hate the icky feeling after applying it. It feels like my face is getting ready to fry some eggs and bacon! Raise your hands if you’re with me! Yup, I see many agree!

But the sad fact is we need to moisturize… I know! I know! I can hear you sighing. Me, too!

Here are few facts I found out and have been mentioning on my other skincare posts:

  • Truth: Not all oily skin has equal oiliness on every part of the face. And not all oily skin really oil up on certain parts of the face. That’s why we have combination skin, normal to oily, dry to oily and sensitive skin.
  • Truth: Oily skin do need to moisturize as when it sends signal to create more oil making the skin a lot more oily that it already is.
  • Truth: Dry skin shows signs of aging easily than oily skin.
  • Truth: Oily shows less signs of aging but has larger pores that gets clogged by comedones that results to blackheads, whiteheads that turns to cystic acne.
There is a lot of reason why we should moisturize.

  • It immediately improves the texture of the skin.
  • It’s a protective barrier form outside pollutants
  • It slows down aging depending on what type of moisturizer you are using.
  • It leaves the skin supple and soft.
Given that I have oily skin, I’m partial to my moisturizers and lean towards to more expensive ones. Being oily and prone to pimples, I try to not splurge too much on moisturizers. So I stick to those with fewer ingredients (that can’t clog up pores) or that is meant for oily skin.

One recent discovery is the Nourishing Night Oil (NNO). It’s a Vitamin E enriched moisturizer encased in a twist applicap. It’s manufactured by MEGA Lifesciences which takes purity in their products seriously.

Night Nourishing Oil contains only 2 ingrdients: Vitamin E (4.70mg) and Jojoba Oil (85.80mg) that makes this product healthy for all skintypes as it doesn’t contain other harmful checmicals or preservatives.

Why Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil?

Vitamin E is a known effective anti-oxidant (that’s why our moms use this on their faces and why we need daily intake of it).

Jojoba Oil, which actually is a liquid wax that comes from the jojoba plant, mimics our skin’s natural oil and it improves skin’s elasticity. It also doesn’t contain triglycerides that can cause skin irritation.

And of course, it is better to use it at night. Cosmeceutical research has shown that our skin regenerates better at night away from pollutants and free radicals. So that also means you need to get 8 hours of sleeps.

What I think of Nourishing Night Oil?

Okay, I was hesitant at first. It did remind me of those days my mom pricked her Vitamin E capsules and used it as moisturizers. Not only that the Vitamin E was too oily but it doesn’t smell pleasant either. Rather it smelled like regular cooking oil! And I was scared that each capsule would have too much product in one capsule that it would be clog my skin.

 Problems assuaged when I got to try it for myself. Everything I was worried about weren’t true after all.

  • Each cap contains just enough oil for my face and neck.
  • It’s not greasy at all when the skin has absorbed it.
  • Skin looks dewy and not oily.
  • It’s easily absorbed by the skin.
  • It smells wonderful (thanks to the jojoba oil)
  • It leaves the skin smooth after each application
  • It’s affordable at Php450 per 30 capsules.

I’ve only been using this for the past few nights and my skin feels as if it’s breathing a lot easier. It has even become a good moisturizer now that I just undergone Fraxel laser treatment from Belo which made skin has become dry and flaky. NNO has been helping it recover at night.

How to open an NNO capsule

You just got to twist the head and snap! It looks like a small bowling pin, right?

Make sure to not just apply it but massage it softly on your face, concentrating on the driest part of your face.

I’m sure you just don’t want take my word on it. Of course you want to try it for yourself. NNO is now currently sharing free samples over their Facebook page (www.

Like with every skincare, it’s not just these things that can improve our skin. We also need to drinks lots of fluid especially under this heat wave, eat fruits and vegetable (looks who’s talking!), get lots of rest and of course, try to stay away from stress and bad vibes.

Stress and sleep may be a bit difficult to achieve but bad vibes is quite easy to ward off when you’re with these people.

Find out more about Nourishing Night Oil at

Nourishing Night Oil is only Php450 per box. Available at Mercury Drugstores and Southstar Drugstores.

What do you think? Are you ready to try moisturizing your skin?

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