I am a Beauty Blogger But a Strong Person First #FACT

I don't get why some people don't understand what beauty blogging really is! I mean, seriously, how much IQ does one need to understand what beauty blogging is? I have very young readers and they understand what I do! Tsk!

When a particular troll (who wish to think that he/she will be as successful at Fashion Pulis) said that we (me and other famous beauty bloggers) are beauty bloggers, but not beautiful... Take note: he/she even included a #FACT. I can only shake my head and think how stupid can this person get to even "ride" on whatever popularity we have just so he/she can piss us off and gain readers. Seriously.

It's crazy. But more stupid than crazy. Do you agree?

I asked back then what you what a beauty blogger is and you have shared with me wonderful answers. Criteria that I hope I am meeting for you to keep on checking out my beauty blog.

#FACT is... I know I'm not beautiful or pretty. Not fantastically so.. but I've got my looks. I have a man who tells me everyday I am beautiful and for me, that's enough. I don't need every Tom, Dick and Harry to assure me that I am. :) Hahaha!

For many of us, a comment like this may already make us feel little, ashamed. NOT ME!

Confidence and belief in one self is the key. One person or even make them several does not make the person that I am. I am not the sum total of what one person thinks of me...

If you are a girl who's been told that you're not good enough, there is always that person inside you who will disagree!

Believe that little voice inside you.. that's the only thing that you should listen to! Because that's the faith you have in you that nobody can take away.

I am not here to talk about what makes a beauty blogger. You, my faithful and loyal friends and readers know exactly what we do here.

I am just here, to tell you that it doesn't matter how many people tell you you're not pretty, sexy or smart enough.

Nobody has the right to hurt you emotionally or physically. You can make them pay by shunning them and throwing a mirror at them to take a look at themselves first before mouthing hurtful words.

It is still you who have the last say on how you wish to see yourself or how to be treated.

I hope I inspire you always to be who you want to be, pursue your dreams and be happy! :)


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  1. RebelSweetHrt16/2/12 1:01 PM

    I agree with you, Shen. Confidence (among many other things) is what makes a person beautiful. Nasa nagdadala yan. Kung keri mo, eh di go! Walang basagan ng trip, diba?

    For all we know, closet fan mo ang troll na yan. ;)

  2. photoescape16/2/12 1:30 PM

    I have also heard someone telling me I am not pretty enough to be a beauty blogger and youtuber. I don't really care what he/she/IT says because I do know that I am beautiful because I am a creation of God and all creations of our Lord is beautiful. Don't mind what that TROLL said Shen! baka kapatid yan ni AHCEE FLORES! LOL

  3. Shen, just continue what you are doing, and you are doing really well. As long as you don't hurt anyone along the way you're good. =)

  4. ~ hay ms. Shen... the things bitter people do. im more sad for people like them (have my fair share too!) than annoyed because they can't do what we can do. keep it up! :D

  5. Liezl Buenaventura16/2/12 4:41 PM

    Too true, Shen! People can be such assholes, but never let anyone get you down! You ARE beautiful, both inside and out! :D

  6. nakakalungkot pag may taong ganyan...
    sad kasi ang kitid mag-isipwhat is beauty ba kasi?is it really just visual? can something that you can see not be beautiful? love is beautiful, but i can't see it... does that mean that how i perceived beauty is wrong?what if i am blind & i can't see a thing, does it mean that everything is ugly?basta i know that everyone is beautiful, that's one thing that i am sure!^_^

  7. Sabi nga ni Taylor Swift:

    "People throw rocks at things that shine"

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. But there's a significant difference in being honest and being rude. The latter happens when your main intention is just to bash someone or a group. Crab mentality much?

    Okay lang yan, Shen. Yung mga ganyan dapat walang bilang yan sa mundo. Siya lang naman nagpapalamon sa insecurities niya. :)

  8. There were two or three comments like that in my blog telling me that people just feel sorry for me because I am fat. I never deleted those comments. Yes, it will hurt me but it will never stop me from doing what I love doing and that is writing about my passion. Your blog is one of the first beauty blogs which I have followed and I have always looked up to you because you're so confident and I just love how you interact with your readers. :)

  9. how i wish I can be as strong and confident as you are!  just keep what you're doing Miss Shen!  we are here to support you! inggit lang yung Troll na yun! :)

  10. Svetlanisophy17/2/12 11:27 AM

    Hello Ms.Shen, consider this conceited as an admirer, it just shows that you are ahead of them that's why. I must say that my knowledge with beauty tips, make up applications and make up products are all guided by you Ms.Shen, you are my first beauty blogger that I stalked on that's why I decided to put  up a blog too because I was inspired how a woman like you can prioritize and do the things that she wants plus the fact that you share a lot of experiences and knowledge. Don't let these haters affect you, instead makes them as a reason to be the best you can be. :)



  11. KOREK! I admire you for not letting these trolls and jealous people get to you. They're just trying to get shortcuts to popularity. You're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  12. Hi Shen,

    There are people who can't be happy for others.  I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being a beauty blogger doesn't require you to have a pretty face. You need to provide your readers education about beauty products and honest reviews. More importantly, you should be passionate about what you do.

  13. Dette Carlos18/2/12 9:42 AM

    Hello Ms. Shen I' m one of your silent readers. This is the first time I' m going to comment in your blog. We cannot please everybody because some people are plain jealous,some people have the talent of complaining about every little thing,some people are never satisfied, their expectations of you may not be realistic and people will always have subjective view about you.

    It’s important you remember what makes you tick. You are authentic and unique in your own way and this is what makes you stand out. Not everyone will like you for this but that’s the way of the world. Standing firm on constructive principles certainly distinguishes you.

    You are beautiful Ms. Shen and we love you:) I learn a lot from you and Thank you for that:)

  14. Classic example of another hater trying to pull someone down.   Your success is just making him/her crazy. :)

  15. I think you are beautiful and sexy inside and out. ♥ I admire you. :-) 

  16. Just ignore them and do what you love doing :D I know this is kinda off but will ask you though. May I ask what lippie did you use in your pic here? It's so lovely :) Thanks in advance Shen!

  17. Ruth Santiago19/2/12 12:51 PM

    be inspired with christina aguilera's song - "i am beautiful, no matter what they say. words can't bring me down! so d0n't you bring me down today!"  :) rock on miss sheN! ^_^

  18. saccharine015820/2/12 4:26 AM

    awww... :( you are beautiful shen. don't let other people tell you that you aren't. i think it's unfair when people whom we have never even met in real life judge us. tsk, tsk... shame on that person. :(

  19. i love this post Shen! Especially this one, "
    I am not the sum total of what one person thinks of me... ". TAMA! PAK na PAK!

  20. Awww hugs Gellie.  I don't get why would they feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for them for being narrow-minded.  I admire people who put their perfectly imperfect photos on their blogs even with the risk that they'll be ridiculed. Those photos help other perfectly imperfect people like me, who's finding solutions for my skin dilemmas or makeup techniques that work for my facial features.

    Anyway, I'd like to think that every blogger has specific target readers.  And kung reader ka, and you think na hindi ka nakaka-relate sa writer or hindi nag-a-add ng value sayo yung mga entries nya, wag ka nang pumunta sa blog nya. It's common sense. It doesn't mean the writer is not doing a good job. It just means, the contents of the blog are not created for you. Kung gusto mo magbasa ng beauty blogs written by someone stereotypically modelesque, why would you go to blogs like this.  Continue what you're doing Shen many of us appreciate it.


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