Dear Macaulay,

You made my heart skip at beat in My Girl and I had a huge crush on you since then....

I really thought that you'd grow up like this....

But I didn't mind  when you didn't. I was happy to see you looking good like this...

But this???? Explain!!!

Awaiting for reply and full explanation.

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  1. Hi Shen,

    I was shocked at the last photo! Hard to compare when you have the younger version of him stuck in your head. I agree, he and Chord Overstreet look alike (latter being cuter) hahaha

  2. WHAT HAPPENED?????? Shet, I loved him pa naman sa My Girl wahhhhh!

  3. wonderwoman4516/2/12 9:18 PM

    OMG!!! YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD WITH THIS. I will never cry when watching "My Girl" again! Hahaha!

  4. Charry Reyes16/2/12 10:06 PM

    Oh my, I did not- in my wildest dreams thought he'll look like this! I had a serious crush on him back then. Its sad ;(

  5. hay halatang gumagamit o.O

  6. What the??! In fairness, pag sinabi ni Chord Overstreet na he is Macaulay Culkin maniniwala ako :P

  7. OMG! What happened?! 

  8. i was also shocked when I first saw his recent photo!  grabe...

  9. gerilen tactaquin polon17/2/12 10:27 AM

    your'e so funnyate shen! hehe
    but really, he BADLY needs a shave!

    he looked like a senior citizen na! hehe

  10. gosh...he looks anorexic in the last photo.

  11. Ruth Santiago19/2/12 12:55 PM

    we all definitely miss the cute & smart kid in Home Alone movie, where did he go? :(


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