What is a Beauty Blogger?

No, I am not answering this question. As a matter of fact... I am asking you! (readers, bloggers, internet savvy people)

What is a beauty blogger for you?

Does she have to be pretty? Writes well? Thin? Have set of rules and guidelines when writing about a product? Does makeup professionally or very skilled at it? Does she need to be given free stuff? Should she be able to represent a brand like fashion bloggers for brand clothings? When PR taps her to attend events? Buys only stuff she blogs about?

When is the time that someone can call herself a beauty blogger?

Why am I asking this? Well, personally, I have my own idea what a beauty blogger is but since I don't want to cause any untoward or bad reactions and judgements from other people, I just want to ask you guys first  so I can gauge if we all have somewhat similar definition.

I really need your input in this. :)

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  1. IMHO: a beauty blogger is a student of beauty. one who is willing to learn new things in that particular field. this person is merely human, is not required to be beautiful in fact imho, she is more credible when she's not that pretty at all and after all she puts on her face she becomes pretty. it proves that the blogger knows what she's talking about and can walk the walk ika-nga. a beauty blogger has got nothing to prove to anyone but herself of her own integrity. eh so kung mainvite sa event? eh di go, netizens who read then leave nasty comments always have the anonymity of the web to hide behind from. youtube cosmetics reviewer pinkiecharm always says, don't like it? don't watch it ;-)

  2. notapinkprincess8/4/11 3:38 PM

    In my opinion, a beauty blogger does not have to be an expert on makeup and skin care but she (or he) must love what she (or he) is writing about. Please allow me to differentiate between a beauty blogger who writes for her own satisfaction and fulfillment and the one who calls herself (or himself) a journalist. The former has no obligation to write well because she (or he) is doing it for herself. But the beauty blogger who calls herself (or himself) a journalist must have good grammar and at least average writing skills because she (or he) makes a living out of attending events and writing paid posts. The first one is a hobbyist so she (or he) can write about anything she (or he) wants. The second one has made a career out of it so she (or he) should at least make an effort to give her (or his) readers credible information.

  3. A beauty blogger is someone who wants to improve herself inside and out and shares her joys, tips, tricks and learnings with her readers. Just keep doing what you're doing, girl, because you're one beautiful person inside and out. :)

  4. For me a beauty blogger is someone who shares her vast experience with beauty products and other related stuff on the net for the love of it. She doesn't have to rely on freebies because she's so into it she'd haul in products herself anyway. Hahaha. Yun lang.

    Okay lang naman to review all kinds of brands and products. Okay din to endorse products you believe in, but siyempre sa ganyan there's always a lot of things to consider. Once you make your choice what to endorse, you have to stand by it. ^_-

  5. A beauty blogger is someone who shares her/his insights about beauty on her/his own blog. She/he doesn't have to be good looking to be someone who shares things about beauty. Like, if a person is fat, mas ok nga kasi at least ma-share nya ang mga dapat gawin para hindi tumaba gaya nya. If may pimples, eh di share din yung ways para di dumami ang pimples kagaya nung nangyari sa kanya. Because of her mistake or accident, eh gumanon yung mukha nya. Basta ma-admit nya lng yug mistake na ginawa nya and tell her fellow bloggers to not commit the same mistake she did.. A beauty blogger is a blogger who helps her bloggers look her/his best(of course, they're especially helpful to the ones almost the same like them when it comes to skintone, skin type, etc.!), not make fun of them and go, "ooh, I'm so pretty, you're not, so COPY me"(tapos pag kinopya nga eh nagagalit naman, hehehe). I agree with hathor2 Meron talagang ganyan, mga inggitera. Kung bullyhin ka nila? Ignore them, inggit lng sila XD

  6. a beauty blogger need not to be a know-it-all-about-beauty walking doll. for me a beauty blogger is someone who has the opportunity to try and learn stuffs then shares it with others. someone who gives unbiased and helpful opinions. someone whom you can relate with. someone who's true to herself and to others. if a "perfect" blogger would talk about beauty products she have tried, how would we know if it's really effective since she's perfect already? hindi rin kailangan na all-knowing siya and has goddess-like powers to do makeup, as long as she knows what she's talking about and is not just pretending. attending events is just a plus, but for me, it's not really necessary.
    for me, a beauty blogger is someone who loves to share discoveries and opinions. just like bff's do!

  7. I think is...Someone who is a blogger...has a blog and blogs about "beauty" as a subject... minus all the complications...whether its personal...2nd hand exp or sponsored...but ofcourse you really expect honesty and personal thought not ad injected opinions from other sources making it look like ads- that would be more of an online mag- not blogging but rather advertising. just my opinion.

  8. Someone who understands TRUE beauty and knows the secrets to bring the TRUE beauty to the surface. :)

  9. a true beauty blogger knows that being beautiful is not only on the outside but on the inside as well. one who helps bring beauty of her/his readers when they're reading her/his blogs.

  10. I think a beauty blogger is someone who's genuinely interested in all things involved in "beautification", especially skin care and makeup. Expertise is not a must, but honesty is :)

  11. haha. we all have different views on what a beauty blogger is. i've never really thought about it. to me, a beauty blogger is someone who blogs on beauty related stuff. much like being a beauty guru on youtube, they talk anything about beauty. something to that extent. it does not mean that you have to be beautiful or have perfect writing skills to be one, haha kasi alam ko i'm neither. if you like what you do and people read and give you comments, you should continue doing what you're doing :)

  12. saccharine01589/4/11 2:53 AM

    a beauty blogger is someone who has an eye for beauty,appreciates beautiful things/stuff and ways to prettify oneself. in line with that, beauty bloggers are bloggers who share their experiences and give their opinions to other people.
    these are bloggers who give their input whether they are sponsored or not. i guess being sponsored is a privilege not many have but all the same i think beauty blogging evolves around the love and the journey or the quest to be beautiful. :3

  13. A beauty blogger is someone who believes in herself and sees beauty as something not superficial neither skin deep. A beauty blogger doesn't have to be an expert neither perfect, doesn't have to be a model or a beauty queen. A beauty blogger is someone who wants to share to the world her pursuit of the real meaning of beauty. A beauty blogger, like anybody else, also have insecurities and flaws but, at the end, discovers that real beauty is found inside of everybody. Lastly, a beauty blogger knows that real beauty comes only from a good and beautiful heart.


  14. A beauty blogger is...

    Patient-- getting a steady following is long and difficult!

    Humble- not necessarily the prettiest or the most knowledgeable. Instead, she is willing to learn from others, and to share what she knows with others

    Gracious- realizes that subscribers/ followers make her blog, a blog

    Opinionated- and not afraid to share her thoughts even though it is not the most popular opinion

    Personable- approachable and likeable to keep a steady stream of subscribers

    Hardworking- writing, testing out products, taking pictures, answering questions and comments are hard work

    Honest- doesn't compromise her integrity in exchange for the benefits of being a beauty blogger (freebies/ invites)

    Passionate- blogging is not as glamorous as others may think. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to make it get your name out there. It does not pay (at least initially). One has to be passionate about beauty and blogging to be able to continue to do it before getting to the point of being popular.

  15. A beauty blogger is someone who:
    1. is interested in learning and updating his/her knowledge on anything that involves beautification (marunong mag-google, magbas)
    2. keeps an open mind
    3. religiously and passionately updates his/her blog
    4. is humble
    5. recognizes that people have different beauty needs (and wants) and doesn't push her opinions on others.
    6. is basically like RSS-na-may-artificial-intelligence. She knows how to research and she knows how to consolidate her knowledge and sharing for the benefit of others
    7. is not lazy to take and post her own pictures
    8. is, last but not least, HONEST.


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