Dove: Best Soap Ever (and it's not even a soap)

I was pretty much easy to please when it comes to my body soap. But I got to admit that most of the time, my body is left feeling dry and scaly after bathing. I know many women prefer Dove as their facial soap as it provides a clean feel while giving the much needed moisture. As for me, I use Dove as an all around beauty bar. You see, despite the fact that I have a very oily face, my body skin function oppositely. It can get really dry especially during colder season like now.

When Dove Philippines asked us to share our experience with Dove Beauty Bar and how moisturizing is an integral part of caring for our body, I really didn't know how to go about it. Every beauty magazine, show and even all beauty commercials have ingrained that moisturizing is important. Do my voice count if I say that as well?

Please indulge and continue reading...

Yes, moisturizing our body is important.Through drinking lots of water, we also do it thorugh application of lotion, face moisturizer and using soap that doesn't cause us total dryness. But the sad fact is most of us love the squeaky feel after bathing. Like me, my brain functions in such a way that if I don't feel my skin squeaky dry, It's as if I didn't get the oil and grime off of my body. 

I was introduced to Dove at a young age and I never really got use to that "madulas" feel as if you feel there's soap residue left in your body. My Dad explained that that's the point of the Dove. It's a soap and moisturizer in one that your skin is not left dry like the Sahara. Imagine that my dad had to explain that to me. #awkward

So I kind of opted for other soaps like those tough "family" soaps that gave me that squeaky feel. Then I started having rashes during summer months. My skin would get so irritated as if I have "chicken" skin. When I saw my dermatoligist, she told me that I needed to use a much more gentler soap because my skin was too dry and was aggravated by the heat. She recommended Dove along with a topical ointment with vitamin A and D. Although I was a bit apprehensive, I was scared not to follow her prescriptions.

And she was right, my rashes was gone in less than a week and since then I was afraid to use regular body soap. I also got used to the "madulas" after-bath feel.  Since then, I never went back to regular soaps, it's either Dove or some other beauty organic soap. Nothing "industrial strength" for me. At least not anymore.

But how does Dove differ from other ordinary soap, anyway?

Here's a few facts I learned about Dove:
  • It's not a soap. It's a beauty bar.
  • It cleanses and preserves skin's natural lipids.
  • It has glycerine, which is a natural humectant that attracts moisture back to the skin resulting to a smoother skin surface.
  • It has DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionates), a special, proprietary complex of skin cleansers that leaves skin free from grimes and sebum.
  • It has 1/4 moisturizing milk that I love because it gives that milky fresh scent.

The idea of Dove is that you don't have to sacrifice your skin to clean it. Dove is the option to choose if you want to have cleaner, smoother, younger looking skin. As it acts as a cleanser, moisturizer and anti-aging product in one. Because a well-moisturized skin results to a youthful-looking skin.

The White Beauty Bar is a given favorite, it lathers really well and doesn't leave too much of that feeling as if your didn't rinsed yourself well. This is the "just right" soap for me. You feel clean and moisturize at the same time. 

Extra Sensitive Beauty Cream Bar is doesn't lather as much and scent is milder. Moisturizing level is a notch higher than the White Beauty Bar. This is my favorite right now that the weather is drying out my skin. I feel as if I don't need to apply lotion after shower whenever I use this soap (although I still do most times). This is also the soap I use whenever I get tattoo as it's the safest soap out there for broken and wounded skin. My tattoo artist recommended Dove to me the first time I got a tattoo so I'm happy I keep these in stock.

Pink Beauty Cream Bar is well that, creamy. It lathers enough and the scent are the same at the White Beauty Bar. If you want really moisturized skin, this is a good choice. I like that it is also pink. #pinklove.


Had this been just another soap, I wouldn't really rave as much. But I am in love with the clean scent of Dove Beauty Bar soaps. I'm downright addicted to it actually. And how smooth my skin has become every after bath. I know I"m doing right by my skin. No wonder Phoebe loves Dove. Seeing her smooth skin is testament enough that this soap is really doing its job.

My goal is actually to convert you guys to try out Dove (if you still haven't). One bar only cost about Php40 and sometimes they come in packs of 2 that makes it more affordable to purchase. Tell me I'm right and I'm not just imaging the effects of Dove Beauty Bar. #lol

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  1. So true! I love using dove!!

  2. only 2 options..dove or organic allergic to paraben substance and dove doesn´t have it! - cez

  3. you are right, I use the industrial soaps because I also like the squeaky clean feel after bathing but if Dove can help me in having smoother skin, why not?  I thought lotion was enough but I guess it won't hurt to try Dove! :)

  4. Jamillacamel13/10/11 2:57 PM

    This is Hub's Favorite!!

  5. Anthea Villanueva13/10/11 10:38 PM

    I use Dove as my bath soap as well. I have skin that's really easily irritated and using typical family/antibacterial soaps give my skin red and inflamed patches that the look almost like chemical burns. It took me a while to get used to the slick after-shower feel of Dove--I used to feel that I wasn't clean enough--but at least it's not harsh on the skin. =)

  6. You're totally right! Dove user here too :)

  7. Use Dove on my face. More moisturizing effects! And my favorite is Dove Go Fresh, I still get that clean fresh feeling without sacrifibg moisture

  8. where do u use to buy the one that comes in the Extra Sensitive variant? Looks like it is hard to find here in the Philippines. :(


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