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So Many To Try at Watsons! | Get a Chance to Win the H Bella Line

OMG! Have you gone to Watsons lately? I swear, it's sinful to go inside and if my wallet and card can talk, they'd refuse to come in. I never ever go out of Watsons without a purchase. Am I the only one like this? To think I already get some free stuff from brands and PR companies, yet I still find more and more things to buy at watsons. Whether its a necessity like my fave Cuddles cotton pad or a frivolous another nail polish! Of course, count on it that makeup is a frequent purchase.

These time though, my fairy godmothers sprinkled some of their good luck dust on me and I was one among the selected beauty and fashion bloggers to grace the latest Watsons Beauty Lab event alongside with Philippine's top glossies.

The Watsons Beauty lab was held at one of my favorite restaurant/cafe, M Cafe or Museum Cafe and all the dish served are worthy of a health buff. I especially like the salad and desserts. Food like this are best enjoyed with friends like Sophia Phoebe, Jheng, Nikki, Jane and the Renan from Circuit. If you ask me how I get to be invited in these events? I'm not really sure myself. I just love to blog.


Now on the goodies!! OMG! Beauty Porn at its finest, I tell you!

The new Dove Facial Wash collection

Beautiful skin starts with cleansing, this I sincerely believe.

If you keep your face and body moisture with the Dove soap like I do, then I think you'll love this new collection from Dove. I personally love anything from Dove. I'm glad they are expanding their products for more choices to us eager to try something new. There's a variant for those with normal to dry skin and those with sensitive skin. Most of all, they now have a makeup remover.

Don't you just hate how expensive makeup removers can get? And how minimal the choices are at Watsons? Now, they have several! And one of those is from Dove! I love it!

One of the best part of the event was the fact that Watsons are now carrying more brands of BB Creams.

I'm sure that you're familiar with the 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream from Pure Beauty. I did review of this here on this blog. What's great is that it has expanded its collection from two BB Cream variants to 2 more, the Jasmine Water BB Cream and the Soothing BB Cream. On the go? They have this compact powder available now that has SPF, the UV White Sun Protection Compact. This one I'm excited to try but I will definitely get myself that Soothing BB Cream very soon!

For the meantime though, the Gluta-Placenta by Glorious Skin got me all intrigued. It has a BB Cream and and Whitening Cream which I think will be much loved by those obsessed to have a clearer and whiter skin. This I will definitely try in a few days once the the wounds from my facial warts removal are all healed.

Now on to my favorite part, I am excited over the selection of makeup removers that Pure Beauty has at Watsons. No more more excuses not to play around with makeup, noh? :)

I've only tried the Perfect Cleansing Liquid and I think this is really good for those with oily skin like me. It's easy to use for one and easier to remove as well. I use a cotton pad to remove after I massage the remover all over my makeup-ridden face. Then wash it off with my facial soap. Viola! My face is back to being clean smooth and makeup-free!

This one from Etude House was especially cute sicne they all come in travel-sizes, complete with Cleansing Foam, Soft Body Wash, Body Lotion and Wash-off Mask. :) Cuteness rating is definitely a 10!

Naturally smell and feel clean with their natural deodorant from DeoNat.

Of course, if we concentrate too much on our face we should do as well for our sexy body (walang kokontra!)! Lol!

Watsons just released what I would call a premium line of Bath and Body Products that will surely be a hit for those who likes their senses tickled with great smelling products. The H Bella line aims to provide moisturization, soothing, anti-aging, revitalizing and that refrreshing feel to our body. It's mostly made of natural ingredients and the combination of scents like Strawberry and Cinnamon are most exciting. I like smelling good and I think it's going to be easy to do that with H Bella.

Did I just whet your appepite for some Watsons goodies? Here's something from yours truly!

Get to Win the H BELLA from yours Truly!

Mechanics are really simple.

1. Just share and/or retweet what variant of H Bella you want to win and link of this post along with my twitter or Facebook page.

    Choose from:
  • Rose and Mixed Berries
  • Pomegranate and Ginger
  • Strawberry and Cinnamon
Twit example: I want to win H Bella Rose and Mixed Berries from @shensaddiction. Check out her post at (link here)!
Facebook example:  I want to win H Bella Pomegranate and Ginger from Shen's Addiction. Check out her post at (link here)
2. Comment below that you've joined the contest with your links. (remember it's the FB page, not my personal page ha?)
3. Open only to Philippine Readers.
4. You're done!

Contest ends on  September 3, 2011

Winners will be announced on Sept 7, 201l via blog post.

Winners have 30 days to claim their prizes.

Good luck!

And if you don't know yet, I'm also having a giveaway of my Nivea Products. Please Check it out!

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Nhedz Fulgencio said...

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We're the same, Shen! I don't get our of Watsons with an empty hand. I always buy something even if I still have stocks at home. I am addicted to buying hair products- shampoo, conditioners, hair spa treatments etc. I cannot stop myself! =D

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Funny I just tweeted that I came from Watson's this morning and got "held up" as usual. To think, the branch nearest to me is one of their smaller ones. Love Watsons!

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Hey Kira! Each of you should have gotten (a) Glorious Gluta and Placenta BB Cream and (b) Glorious Instanwhite Face and Body Lotion. If you didn't get the Instantwhite, just email me so I can have someone deliver it to you. 

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