Commenters of the Month of June and July. Congratulations!

Congratulation to you, girls! Your comments won the commenters of month, June and July 2011.
Thank you for these inspiring comments!

June Winner: Hana Abello

She made a good point on how RH Bill helps those who have incapable of thinking for themselves that the Government needs to insert themselves in issues that should have been reserved for more important things. Thanks for this wonderful and insightful comments.

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July Winner: Ms. Terry

Ms. Terry's caught my attention because I feel kindred in her words. I, too, struggle with techniques and would spend hours in correct contouring and of course, blush application. I'm happy that you found this post helpful. And I'm sure in time, you'll be applying blush like a pro. Just practice, practice and experiment. :)

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  1. Hana's point has been said in so many different ways but her way has got to be one of the best thought out and positively motivated that i've read.  she said it without having to sacrifice her original intent BUT still shows that she is open to invaluable ideas that will not only help her, her future but our overall future as a nation.  she said it rather briefly, too.  i admire that.  well, written indeed and she does deserve the award.
    kudos to the winners and to you, Shen for noting such as well thought of comment that may or may not appeal to your ideals or politics for that matter.

  2. congratulations to the winners! you're so generous miss shen! :) more power to your blog!

  3. xcyanidebeauty13/8/11 1:29 PM

    omg super surprised, i didn't know you were having a commenter of the month contest when i typed my comment. you have a special way of bringing people to share their innermost thoughts without reservation, ms shen. I'm not very good at commenting on controversial topics kasi I hate conflict, but I was able to do so! thank you! :)

  4. It always makes me happy to know more people are for the RH bill, but whether you are for or against it, please let it be an informed choice. The RH bill is not because of the lack of logic or ambition, much, much less is it about great parents, or bad at that. Neither is it about the government making a decision for its people.
    The RH bill is to give access to those who have none of the choices that we, as women, should have. I don't mean to start an argument about such a sensitive topic because it would take a whole page to even start and you're blog is opposite of that.=D
    Keep it up, Ms. Shen!


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