Sharing the Blessings: Nivea Goodies

Hey guys!! :)

Yet more blessings that came into my life recently! :)

I'm giving away 4 Nivea goodies that has everything that I've recently tried from the brand. Their Express Hydration Body Lotion, Pure and Natural Action Deo-Spray and the Pure and Natural Baby Wipes. Nivea has been pretty good to my skin lately and I think it's just right to share what I have with you!

To win, here's what you got to do.

Share your favorite Nivea moment, be it someone complimenting your skin or whatever, 
through the comment box below!

Easy, right?

Deadline: August 24, 2011 (11:45PM)

Winners will be notified via e-mail and a blog post.*

Have fun and enjoy!!

*If you're from Winner from Metro Manila, we will meet up at Tiendesitas at specific time and date to claim your prize. If you're outside metro Manila. shipping fee will be shouldered by the winner.

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    When my sister left for abroad, she left me her tons and
    tons of nivea products (Nivea crème and lotion) that she hoards (that I can use. Yey!!) I know that it suits me well because when we were at the supermarket,
    my office mate asked me what lotion I use because I now have an even skin tone and
    proudly recommended Nivea Body UV Whitening Milk Repair Lotion for her to buy.  

  2. I'm obsessed with milk products & I've been using Nivea Smooth Body Milk for years now! It is so creamy & surprisingly non-sticky & maintains excellent skin hydration. I've been complimented a couple of times on how fair & smooth my skin is! I've been even asked tips for a friend's young daughter.

  3. MyrtedCaldona3/8/11 11:43 AM

    I love Nivea products! I've been exposed to it while I was growing up because my Dad is super faithful with his Nivea lotion for men (yes, the navy blue bottled Nivea) and so I often see it at my parents' vanity shelf. Thus, I'm influenced by them. Now that I am a lady and is legit very conscious with my skin, I use the Nivea Creme, the ones in blue tin cans. It's one of my must haves for it is very moisturizing in a way that is not greasy and has the right scent for my taste. I love using it to moisturize my legs and hands. I never fail to keep one in my bag since it's always handy to have them around. Specially for those ladies who are in air-conditioning! It definitely sucks the moisture out of your skin. I can never have enough of it!

  4. My first nivea product is their whitening lotion. i love how this lotion gently whitens my skin. I grew up with nivea because i still remember when I was in elementary my mom will buy nivea products from their deodorants, moisturizer and lotions. My sister always compliment my moisturized skin and i got it from using nivea. When I became pregnant, i also chose nivea baby line for my son from lotion, baby powder, baby oil, and baby bath.

  5. Lani Sonza4/8/11 8:06 AM

    Nivea's been a staple on my drawer because I grew up seeing my mom use this...I am a momma's girl :)  My mom had the smoothest skin and I know for a fact that Nivea contributed to this. Just the scent of Nivea especially the blue tin can reminds me of my mom...I miss my mom...Thanks Nivea.- Lani Sonza

  6. Babysaffron4/8/11 2:28 PM

    My very first lotion was Nivea Milk Lotion.... It was the blue bottle with white cap.  Di pa uso yun whitening and SPF.  It is simply the best lotion there is back then.... Smells great, cheap and moisturizes really really well.  Very smooth and light.  Until now, Nivea is still the best product simply because i trusted it before. The simplicity of the product and it delivers to your expectation... For me its all worth it...Whitening and SPF lotions left and right....too many to choices... I stick with my first and only lotion....

  7. Jhoanne Luna5/8/11 4:21 AM

    when I started using the nivea extra whitening lotion a lot of people started to notice that I've become more fairer and I've got glowing even skin tone and I simply love it :) Also, when I got sunburn during the summer, I used this lotion too to speed up the process of getting my original skin tone back :)

  8. I guess almost everyone grew up seeing our moms or tita's using Nivea Creme or lotion. I did too. But unlike most women, i used to 'not' like lotion. I never liked the feeling of lotion on my skin. It feels sticky, sometimes greasy. But when I felt the need to moisturize my skin, I only use Nivea. I've tried other brands but none worked for me as Nivea did. And you know what? I'm making this a family legacy because I'm using nivea baby products for my twins too :)

  9. I don't like using lotions, I just hate the fact that when I oiled up, the lotion will feel sticky and greasy as if I am ready to be cooked. That is why even though we have big bottles of Nivea Lotion on our house I don't just use it my reason was my skin is fair and I don't need lotion ever. But oh boy, I was wrong one time when I was wearing shorts I suddenly noticed that my skin is so dry it looks like I am dehydrated a long time ago. And that is the start of my good relationship with Nivea Lotion, I just love how it moisturize my skin and yes I stereotyped that all lotions will be sticky and greasy on skin! This one is an exception. Ever since I make sure that when I ran out of this babies I always have a replacement who would want a old man skin at a very young age right?

  10. my nivea moment started when i was a lil girl.I can still remember how my mom and dad were using the nivea creme in a blue tin container sealed with foil as moisturizer. They will use it as massage cream for our body before bedtime. My aunts and lola were also using it as make up remover. It was like they passed on the tradition. Its not a surprise, now that I've become a mom I still trust the same brand that my family were using.Fortunately, they have complete line of baby and adult products that would compliment our daily needs. I love the moisture that it provides and the lingering scent that makes you crave for more. I also love the smell of my husband returning after a long day of work and still smelling fresh. Im also very excited and thankful for their new addition which is the pure and natural that doesn't contain all the scary stuff that we don't need on our body. I also read a lot of good reviews using jojoba and argan oil on our skin.Its my first time sharing my inputs online but I kinda excited about it. Thanks for all the good reviews, I'm a full time housewife but certified kikay, always hunting for good stuff. I'm always looking forward for your reviews and really helped me a lot. Thanks and Good Luck! ;)

  11. Josephine Gregorio11/8/11 2:11 PM

    my moment with nivea starts when i'm in my elementary days.. my mom is using nivea products for her faceand body and since i am malandi na nung bata pa,hehehe, i used to stare at her at night kapag nagbu- beauty regimen na cya..  my mom used to laugh at me, kasi daw naka nganga pa ako while watching her.. one day, wala si mommy sa house, i go directly to her room and apply nivea creme on my face and ginaya ko kung ano ang ginagawa ni mommy.. and suddenly nanjan na si mommy sa door, huli ako! hehe.. tawa ng tawa si mommy, bata pa daw ako to do that, pero hindi na-allergy ang face ko kahit na bata pako nun.. that's what i remember sa nivea kaya now, i am using it! mas smooth ang face ko :)

  12. I was so happy that my mother gave a bottle of
    this Nivea Whitening Lotion. I am not that white actually but when i
    started using this Nivea Whitening Lotion everything was getting
    clearer. I love it specially after bath. Night and day I apply this one,
    it gives me so much comfort. I can notice that it just not give me a
    clearer and whiter complexion. My skin becomes radiant and moisturize.
    Very fulfilling because I didn't knew that this would work this way. I never expected that this Nivea Whitening lotion would work this good and
    its so fast. I was able to see the difference after a week of using it. I
    am so glad my mom buy me one. She is also been using it already and she
    just love me to get a kind of complexion she already had that is why
    she let me try that Nivea Whitening Lotion. Its worth it. No
    matter how much would it cost but the result you can get is worth buying
    for. It is like you are you went through a bleaching process to get a
    whiter skin complexion. Right now, I;m still using Nivea products. So love it!

  13. I’m pretty loyal with Nivea product. Since I
    was in junior high I use Nivea hand and body lotion for my body. Until
    now, I still use it, though sometimes I change it with another product,
    by the time goes by Nivea, especially body lotion has improve whether
    it’s the formula and the package. I don’t like using whitening lotions in general because I think it
    contains strong chemicals. But whenever I use Nivea on my elbows, it
    feels too good to resist. The smell is light and refreshing instead of
    heavy and heady. The texture is light enough as well. It’s heavier than
    other lotions I’ve tried, but it only takes about 5 minutes for my skin
    to absorb the lotion. So not only are my elbows whiter, they’re also
    softer and more supple thanks to the moisturizing effect of Nivea
    Whitening Milk lotion. Proven effective!

  14. rhania escueta12/8/11 9:43 AM

    i was first introduced from this brand since i was a kid.. gradeschool i think.. i first saw this nivea cream, on blue tin can.. and see my aunt use it.. it really smells terrific!!! my father also send package from abroad with a lot of nivea lotions.. for my mom and aunties..

    then.. few more years it became available to market and grocery stores.. and my all time fave is their deo range!!! my shirt doesnt stain and my underarm feels comfortable.. now im into trying their lotions and facial wash.. my current use: Nivea Extra Whitening Inner inner cell repair body milk.. it smells heavenly and suits my dry skin.. what i liked about their improved body lotions.. is that my skin absorbs it very nicely and i dont feel sticky at all ^_^ it is what i was looking for a good lotion.. what i have observed is.. that my skin doesnt dry that much.. and it gives me more confidence.. im preggy, and not afraid that it wont give me breakouts (even their facial wash) my current use: from Nivea Visage's Sparking White Line.  Whitening Foam ^_^ Now.. i have more radiant and glowy skin.. even i dont put makeup on just a gloss (nivea lipcare Caregloss and Shine ) and powder

    now im looking forward to more nivea products on the market.. and also, thank you for your great reviews and also, for sharing your blessings ^_^

  15. I've been reunited w/ Nivea for the last 7 years when my cousin brought loads of the blue tin cans from abroad. Although not being experimental myself, one whiff and it brought me to the days when my lola would religiously slather this on me. Ever since, I have been getting a lot of comments from how glowing my skin is (i.e. inspired / in love ba ko?) to how lucky I am for having good genes despite being stressed. :p

  16. I remember when I was still a child, my mom has this blue circle canister and that's the only moisturizer I knew ever since.. I love Nivea because it really delivers. Now I'm using the Nivea whitening Deodorant and lotion... I love it! =)

  17. When I was 'lil girl, they always tease me & call me "Negra". I'm kinda mainit when i was a child, that's why my mom shared her Nivea lotion to me. When I uses it, my mom witnessed the result in my skin and she loves it. That's why she always makes sure that nivea is always in the top list. And until  now, i'm one of the millions loves using Nivea. =)

  18. Princess Joy R. Isiderio22/8/11 12:43 AM

    I rememeber when I was in first year college, I began shaving my underarms. I was too lazy for an underarm threading kasi. So yun,one day napansin ko na lang it started to darken. Nakakahiya talaga kasi maputi ako but my underarm was dark. So nagpanic ako. Then nakita ko sa commercial ung nive underarm deo-roll on with licorice. Ayun, I tried it and pumuti tlaga underarms ko. Hehehe. Til now, shave pa rin ako but I'm not worried anymore kasi I still use the nivea whitening deo. Happy na ko!

  19. Fieldwork roasted my skin years back. Sunblock was not a big thing then and I think there were only three brands of sunblock lotions in the beauty section of department stores. After a nasty sunburn, I decided to get a bottle of spf. I was pleased to have gravitated towards Nivea. It prevented my skin from getting burnt (getting darker and feeling tender after sun exposure). I feel protected when I go out. Have purchased several bottles since.

  20. sa totoo lng allergic ata ako sa mga lotions.. pag naglolotion ako lgi ako nangangati at namumula na balat ko.. pinadalhan ako ng nivea ng parents ko.. fluida idratante ata name non... e ang dami.. nkakahinayang itambak.. gnamit ko.. and ndi xa nagkaron ng negative reaction sa skin ko... YEY!! sa wakas... nivea lng pla ang kelangan ko... cmula non naglotion na ko


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