SM's Beauty Within Section is Now Open!

SM Department Store st launched its newest section yesterday to all women. I was one of the many guests and consumers who witnessed the unveiling of their Beauty Within Section that boasts of ingestives, vitamins, and topical treatments that will make any women feel beautiful inside and out.

I'm sure, if you're like me, that you've heard of supplements that promises to whiten your skin, trim down your waste and not at all like your regular vitamins. Now, there's a whole section in Watsons devoted to that called Beauty Within.

I guess they figured that with the number of products that aim to beauty women from inside out, they need to provide one location for it to avoid their customers ease in shopping. From what I've seen, the one in Makati has a whole section devoted for men, oral, scents and body. 

And ain't it easy to shop that way? Leave the men at the Men's Grooming section while we shop around from station to station. :)

Some of the things that you'll see are the following:


"With key Ingredients like Placental protein, Asparagus Extract , Vitamin C, Collagen and Glutathione, Mosbeau whitens skin while rejuvenating skin cells and removing harmful toxins from the body."

Cosmo Skin

"Contains Primeform Glutathione which effectively inhibits formation of eumelanin (dark melanin) and synthesizes Phaeomelanin (light melanin)."

Met Thatione

"A certified Japanese treasure, Met helps strengthen the immune system, removes toxins from the liver and protects the body from free radical damage."

Belo Nutraceuticals

"This latest offering from the powerhouse brand harnesses whitening and anti-ageing in one capsule. It’s infused with glutathione and collagen precursors and provides an added bonus: a healthy dose of Vitamin C."

Other skin whitening options include Vita Pack, KB Kyusoku and Slim & White.

They also have skin vitamins available:

Myra E Capsule

"An antioxidant that protects and fights against free radicals that damage skin, Myra E capsules promise healthy skin and eyes for an overall youthful glow."

Other vitamins and supplements available are Gloww, Pynocare and IVI Premium Collagen Drink.

Other products include Wheatgrass Powder, Organique Acai Juice Supplement. Other supplements include Caltrate Plus, Berroca Performance and Moringa Capsules.

With a section devoted to bringing out the best in us women, there is no reason to feel dull glum and lethargic. We can easily conquer the stress of everyday looking chic and fabulous. And we don't even need a makeup or nice clothes at that. But of course, we want everything so drink those supplement, wear your favorite rounge and don on that fabulous LBD. It's time to conquer the world, woman!

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