Haul: Tony Moly, Baby!


Yet another haul from yours truly!

I visited Tony Moly a few weeks ago with Martha for its press launch and I did a bit of some damage. I bought a few nice things of course.

I got the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation with Sebum Control. I didn't really get want it says on the packaging, though. Lol! Oil Control factor wise, not so good. At least with my face which oils up 5 seconds after bathing. I swear, I have an oil-mine face like nobody's business. It kinda sucks, but eh! That's life!

 The Tony Moly Gel liner is quite a nab for about Php300++ (i think! Correct me if I'm wrong!). It's quite opaque enough and it comes with a brush. Will review this more in posts to follow. Promise!

I love this periwinkle/lavender nail polish and it's like less than Php200 (yes, I'm bad at remembering prices!). I used this and it's really nice against my NC30 skin tone.

Gray nail polish is in trend, believe it or not. Of course, I'm not about to shell out for something expensive since all the moolah goes to makeups. Thank God for alternatives! :) This gray nail polish from Tony Moly is such a steal. :)

I also got a GWP cute sampe of their cheek tint.

How tiny, right? Feel like Alice in Alice in Wonderland about to drink a potion. :)

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