Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make Me Gorgeous | The Body Shop Makeover

As you all know, The Body Shop is pretty much a staple in my makeup stash... that's why I was so ecstatic when they invited me for a day of makeover to show case the talent of the winner of The Body Shop Philippines Make-up Competition, Via Navarro. Winning this competition meant that she will represent The Body Shop Philippines in the The Body Shop Make-Up Competition Asia Pacific 2011 in Singapore along with other talented Body Shop makeup artist all over the world.

I can't even begin to tell the rigid tests and requirements that she undergone so she can be prepared for this upcoming competition. Hundreds of makeovers and constant learning! I really am hoping and praying she wins this! I can't imagine her not getting that top place, I swear.

One of those is the Make Me Gorgeous challenge wherein she needed to make over an LYB Member (that's me!). And here's the website dedicated to that challenge. :)

Click here to check out TBS Ph's Facebook page

I got to know Via during this video shoot and she amazed me with her love for The Body Shop, makeup and it's art. She told me that she grew up having aunts and relatives and they taught her everything they know about makeup. Since then, she's been doing the makeup of her classmates for events and special occasions. No formal training whatsoever... just plain love for makeup artistry.

It amazes me that she had no formal training prior to landing her job in The Body Shop. The only training she had was with the said brand which says a lot about her talent. It shows her dedication and devotion to makeup artistry.Really impressive, if I may say so.

Not to mention her talent in styling. She was able to transform my ho-hum look to something really quite amazing.

I consider being a part of this experience really humbling and to be made over by a girl who shares the same love as I do about makeup artistry is quite the cherry on top. Being Robi's date was probably another serving of that cake! Hello, isn't he just hot? I swear, a lot of girls stopped at the store and had pictures taken with him and Robi was just too happy to accomodate them. I envy his energy, really!

Please watch the Make Me Gorgeous Video. :)

Nixie and Aaron of OnMedia Creative Solutions in Katipunan Ave. did our video. Nixie actually directed and edited the whole thing and Aaron was there for support and everything. They were so fun and easy to work with. So much talent oozing out from these two! Since I'm really shy (weeehh!) and Via was as well, the two made the shoot really relaxed. Nixie (she's like Avril but waay cuter!) and A (as I fondly call him) was so creative and I could feel their love for filming.  So much so that I started toying with filming using my Nikon D5000. Move over, Jason Magbanua! These two are a force to be reckon with!

I would like to thank Billie and Danica for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity of being a part of such an artistic experience. I know that there are more prettier and much more talented beauty blogger and LYB member that you could have chosen... and yet, you chose me. You already!

Guys, my simple request is for you to like the video and wish our dear Via luck on this competition. Pretty please!! 

that's the link! I'm sure it will mean the world to Via when you wish her good luck!

Thanks so much!!

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Becky said...

Shen this is such a cool and fun video that I can watch over and over again I swear. You look so pretty and I love what she did with your makeup. It's so sweet and flirty.  I love it!

Lani Sonza said...

Hi Shen! ang cute  nga e...di naman halatang nahihiya ka e...hehehe...I want to like the page pero wala na...Have a nice day! at nga pala...kasi u just celebrated anniversary with your R...can you post something about your date?...heheh...chismosa aketch! naaliw ako kasi...I like going out on dates din...I  miss my bf din...:(  Ty again!! More power!

Kei said...

What a cool video. You were glowing! =) 
Weee, Shen, you can't hide your "kilig" when Robi came in. haha! 

Maggie said...

I super love the video! You look great, Shen! Girl Power!

pehpot said...

you're so cute with eyeglasses :)

aringkingking said...

Hi shen, do you remember what she used on your eyebrows? Thanks?

Eloisaco20 said...

wow! the video is really cute!i love the overall look! so glam. kakakilig naman ng date mo Ms. Shen! :))

Marge said...

liked and posted on my wall...awww you look like a teen ager! i miss this song too!

Nikki said...

Goodluck sis!!! gow gow gow! I am rooting for you! Will go and LIKE na kasi like ko talaga!

Lee Shen Gee said...

charming kasi siya! as in! para akong matronang kinikilig! hahaha!

Lee Shen Gee said...

Thanks, sis!! :)

Lee Shen Gee said...

Salamat ng marami!! Feeling teenager talaga! hahaha!

Lee Shen Gee said...

thanks, eloisa. Robi is really sweet and I hope all the best in his career!

Lee Shen Gee said...

Thanks sobra!! :)

Lee Shen Gee said...

naku we did nothing. sinamahan niya lang ako CLinique party, kumain at nanood ng crazy stupid love. :) un na! hahaha!

Lee Shen Gee said...

thanks, becky!! :) Via is really talented. :)

Lee Shen Gee said...

thanks sis! really praying Via wins! :)

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Helen Blas said...

Ohh I love your look! So pretty! I've met Via before, and she really does great makeup. I really hope she wins. :)

herroyalbleakness said...

Voted, Shen! Let us know if Via bags it :( You looks wonderful! Lovely, lovely bella. Been a long-time follower and I've seen how great your skin has become (i really don't think you need much makeup, darling. you look awesome without it anyway.)

herroyalbleakness said...

eeep, LOOK, not looks. hehe :D

Lina Kim ♥ said...

You look all glam and gorgeous! GOOD LUCK~! ^^

Billie Liboro said...

Thank you Shen! I miss na my bloggers-- lalo na ikaw! We still have a date to do! My treat! Kapag may sweldo na! hahaha! You were great! Perfect model! :) Thank you!!! :)

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