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Product Feature: Catwalk Cosmetics Runway Palette by Marj Sia


As usual, I got trigger happy again whenever I have a new palette on hand.

The victim this time is the very Rainbow Bright palette of my dear Multiply friend, Marj Sia's Catway Cosmtiecs Runway Palette.

I can't believe that our emo days are now over (we use to comment on each other's musings on back in '06 or '07) and now we are both beauty junkies who can't get enough of bright palettes!

Marj has always been the go-getter. So when she wasn't satisfied with the palettes available in the beauty market, she went out and made her own. Hence, the birth of Catwalk Cosmetics.

If you're like me who loves bright-colored makeup but still want some neutral here and there, then this may just be the right palette for you. And hey! It has some blushes too!

This 15 eyeshadow palette + 3 blush palette is the perfect makeup arsenal to unleash your cosmetic creativity.

Use them wet or dry, with or without base.
Liberal-sized pans will definitely take awhile before I finish these all up!

15 eyeshadows for day and night looks:
Smokey (Pearl White, Disco Silver, Black Noir)
Neutral (Copper, Juicy Orange, Hello Yellow, Cocoa Brown)
Cool (Lime Green, Green Tea, Powder Blue, Royal Blue, Teal)
Warm (Geisha Red, Lollipop Pink, Purple Lotus)

3 Blush Shades: 
Salmon, Tangerine, Rose.

Highly pigmented (esp with base), smooth feel, easy to blend and long lasting.
I still recommend using a primer or base if you have extremely oily lids.
Let palette completely dry before closing when using it with a wet brush method.

Here are my swatches on bare skin

Pearl White | Copper | Hello Yellow | Powder Blue | Geisha Red | Salmon

Disco Silver |  Juicy Orange | Lime green | Royal Blue | Lollipop Pink | Tangerine

Black Noir | Cocoa Brown | Green Tea | Teal | Purple Lotus | Rose
Impressive pigmentation, right?

If you've been searching high and low for the bright true yellow, blue, orange and red eyeshadows, then your prayers have been answered. Catwalk Runway Palette has them and it's making me itch to create a super bright makeup look.

I recommend the Catwalk Cosmetics Runway palette for beginners who wants to play with nright-colored makeup looks. It's highly recommended for makeup artists, much like Marj herself, who's in constant need of diversity in their palette. As for makeup enthusiasts like me, I'm sure you'll find uses for this one like I do.

For Php1,100 a palette, you're definitely getting your money's worth with the Catwalk Cosmetics Runway Palette. That's only Php73 for each highly pigmented eye shadow. And we do know that eye shadows, more so blushes, cost more than that. And no need to wait for pre-orders for makeup palettes either.

To get your hands on this baby, text your orders at 09178929289 or visit Catwalk Cosmetics Facebook Page. Accepts GCash and BDO payments. :)

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