Holy Grail: Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set V.3

The Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set V.3 (Php2200) is finally here! How cute that it now comes in box! Seriously, who doesn't love the the design on the box! It kinda makes so much fancier and more official-looking, IMHO. As always, with every Charm Travel Pro that I've come across, I'm amazed with how it just keeps on getting better.
But I just don't think that it can get any better than this!

Sophie has just outdone herself with the Charm Travel Pro V.3.
The box's design screams for me to take this brush set with me all over the world. And though I don't have the money to enjoy the Eiffel Tower of Swiss Alps, I'm glad to have this brush set with me. Even if it's only to travel the Philippines. Hey! The PH have great places to visit, noh!

And this set is surely coming with me to my trip to Tagaytay this month and next month and in Boracay come November! Yahoo! :)

Love that washing instructions are printed especially for newbies buying this as their first makeup brush set.

It just gets better, the zipper clutch has an engraved Charm on it! Cute!


Charm Travel Pro Set V.3 now comes with 14 travel-size brushes!! Crazzzyyyy!! Before, it only came with 12!

Easy storage, you can also include a few makeup products before zipping this chic black faux croc pouch.

Face Brushes
Face Brushes include:
Concealer brush
Foundation Brush
Angled blush Brush
Face Powder Brush
Stippling Brush

May would love some of the changes that Charm Pro V.3 now has compared to it's V.2, there's a foundation brush one for those who prefer applying liquid foundation with this type of brush. The concealer brush is small and can be used for under eyes and spot concealing. The powder and angled blush brush is a lot slimmer. And the stippling brush looks a lot slicker. This certainly exceeds all expectations! This is definitely not your regular brush set!

Eye Brushes

Eye Brushes include:
Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush
Angled Eyeshadow Brush
Pencil Point Brush
Blending Brush
Flat Liner Brush
Bent Eyeliner Brush
Eyebrow Shading Brush
Brow Spoolie
Lip Brush

Who wouldn't love the eyeshadows that comes with Charm Pro V.3!! Although let me just say that I was quite happy with V.1 and 2 as well. V.3, however, has a few changes that I appreciate. One is that there's now a Wet/dry eyeshadow!  Travelling is not an excuse not to foil eyeshadow! More options just opened up with this brush! Especiallu for the purist who uses only mineral eyeshadows even when travelling. Pencil Point Brush is slimming, making it easier to create a create! And just look at the new Blending Brush! OMG! That seriously looks like a MAC 222! The best blending brush ever. Although I would miss the former blending brush that looks like my 217,  which is my favorite MAC brush. Charm also upgraded it's Eyebrow Shading Brush that attracts color easier from the palette and defining brows is now a breeze to do. No reason to lose those brows in the picture! As always, the spoolie is important for my werewolf-like brows and thank God, it's still in this set. Who's with me with the cute hot pink lip brush. This one is going straight to my evening bag, for sure!

Color Combination-wise, I love how fun and yet mature this set has become. The black/pink combination tugged at my heart. I prefer black for my handles but the chic-ness of the hot pink makes this set all the more unique!

New addition to the Charm V.3
Foundation Brush
Concealer Brush (upgrade)
Wet/dry Eyeshadow brush
Blending Brush (upgrade)
Eyebrow Color Angled Brush (upgrade)

This set is going to make its way into a lot of my future makeup looks and travels. I don't even consider this just for out of town or country trips. I think of the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set great for everyday use, day to night. It's so much easier to come with different makeup looks from neautral to smokey to brights when I have nice brushes backing me up!

And this is really is a good investment given the price and the quality. If it's like my two other travel pro's, this is definitely going to last me years if not decades! And I'm not saying this just cause I'm friends with the brains behind Charm Makeup Brushes. :) This is just me raving about what really is a great product. :) No, B.S. :)

So, if you have a  bit of savings tucked away and craving for a really nice brush set..  you might want to consider the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set.

Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set is available at www.beautyandminerals.com.

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  1. Wow! Shen I love those brush(s).   

  2. OMG!  I am now tempted to get this!  I love everything about it!  It's very handy during travel.  It will not take too much space on your bag and the set is complete, it has everything you need!  Unfortunately, I have too many brushes to use pa, sigh ..... I will really get this once I need a new one.  Plus, the packaging is gorgeous! :)

  3. love those brushes. when i was at serendra to buy them, i was actually confused if im going to buy the travel or pro brushes. i bought the pro and now thinking about buying the travel brushes for trips and out of town. :) i can say that charm brushes are really really good!

  4. PinkChinadoll4/8/11 10:14 AM

    I am really excited to use this! My brush set just arrived a few minutes ago! hahaha

  5. ang cute ng box. and wow, 14 travel-sized brushes! that's really handy!

  6. Wow! it's so nice. and 14! they look sooo cute!

  7. Hi Ms Shen,

    I'vebeen following your blog for quite some time now..I must admit you inspired me in a way that I started dressing up again and applying make up and really having fun with it.I started checking out other blogs as well but yours is still and will be  my favorite.Its simple and very forward.I really get excited whenever I open my mail and see that there is update in your blog :) Thank you so much..Continue inspiring others!


  8. Zane Artes4/8/11 4:59 PM

    Thanks for reviewing this! Now I gotta save up for this. LOL :)

  9. Hi babe been reading your blog since Feb this year.. I am so happy that you made this review, i made up my mind i want these brushes. I was gonna get the 12 piece Sigma brush kit but i find it very expensive.. these brushes are perfect for starters like me.. . Thank you keep it up and more power to your blog.<3

  10. Exciting! Fun! Colorful brushes! I love it!


  11. Wow! Pag-iipunan ko to! :D 


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