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Lippie Love: NYX Round Lipstick in Shiva and Hot Pink (Summer 2011)


I can't seem to shake the addiction that I have for NYX Round lipsticks. Ever since I saw them on YouTube and American beauty bloggers ome three years back, I was hooked. I remember waiting for weeks to get a hold of these babies ordering them over at Cherry Culture for only $.99 each. And still manage to order more of them now they are available here in the Philippines even if it's price hiked up.

The choices are endless, you see! They just have so many shades to choose from. I thought I've hoarded enough pink lipstick shades from NYX Round Lipsticks but still I see more that I like. Puts some of my MAC Lipstick to shame sometimes.

I am really a pink lipstick addict! LOL! Happy to have two of the NYX Round Lipstick Summer Collection 2011 in my stash. :)

More photos and swatches after the jump!

NYX Round Lipstick Shiva and Hot Pink

NYX Round Lipstick Shiva
NYX Round Lipstick in Shiva is frost in texture with a very intense dark pink shade. Since this is a very bold shade, I prefer to use this for evening events or night outs. Thanks to models and celebrities who's been sporting bold shocking lipsticks lately, we have become far more adventurous with choosing our lip colors. Our morena skin is no longer a hindrance to trying out pink lipsticks. And Shiva is definitely one of those lipsticks that we can now give a try. :)

NYX Round Lipstick Hot Pink

NYX Round Lipstick in Hot Pink is a  matte soft pink lip color with a tinge of lavender tint. It doesn't wash out my look which I like. It reminds me a lot of Paris but this one is higher in level of pinkness. It's great or either day or night time look.

Swatches below of Shiva and Hot Pink:

NYX Round Lipstick Shiva and Hot Pink (no flash/room light)

NYX Round Lipstick Shiva and Hot Pink (with flash)

NYX Round Lipstick Shiva

NYX Round Lipstick Hot Pink

Do have NYX Round Lipsticks? have you tried anything from their Summer 2011 collection?

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