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A Declaration of Love


I remember when I first met R and how scared I was with how my heart immediately skipped a bit... 
I honestly didn't think that we will last this long...
He stood by me everyday proving his love without having to impose it.
Soon, the lock around my heart opened by itself and I could no longer deny the feelings I had for him.


I may be unsure of many things but one thing you never made me feel unsure of is your love.
 A woman can never ask for more and yet you still manage to give more.
Love is not enough to express my feelings for you.
Maybe soon they will invent a word for it.
'Til then, I love you... All of you.

Just when you least expect it... he comes along and yes, he sweeps you off of your feet.
It happened to me.. It could happen to you, too.
If it happened already, celebrate with me.

Happy six wonderful years, R.

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