Lunch with my Idol. Bianca Valerio, Chief Makeup Artist for Colour Collection.

Another hat that Bianca Valerio chose to done this year is being the Chief Makeup Artist for Colour Collection. I remember my short interview with her during the Press Launch of her Lifestyle channel show, FASH, that  she gave up a few opportunities to pursue formal schooling in makeup artistry abroad. And she told me that with the advise of her father, she should follow whatever her heart's desire is. Because things that are truly meant for you, will have a way of finding you in the end.

I wouldn't say that this is the end, though. For it seems for Bianca, things are just starting to fall into place as she is getting blessed more and more as the days go by.

It couldn't be more right, I say, that Bianca become the Chief Makeup Artist for Colour Collection. She has a way of looking at an affordable item through different eyes. What others would easily brush off, she finds a treasure. That's why I can't help but gush over the new things that I know she approves off.

Okay, fine, I admit it! I super admire Bianca. Seeing her  in person for the very first time at the Colour Collection event featuring Bea Alonzo, I was captivated. She's so finesse and has a an all-around positive aura around her. Talking to her felt like talking to a friend. She was very accommodating and she really knows how to catch the audiences' attention. Let's just say that in the next life, I hope that I can be as confident, beautiful and graceful as she is.

I'm really a big fan. She's doing everything she loves now and without having to break the bank, too. She's truly something that Filipinas should try to emulate. Don't you agree?
Bianca, being a beauty fanatic, couldn't be more pleased to be a part of Colour Collection. She is now part of the team that will ensure to give us Filipinas makeup that suits are skintone. And Colour Colelction, part of a top direct-selling company, is easily accessed by many of us all over the Philippines. Bianca simply can't wait to share her knowledge in makeup artistry to every single women out there.
“Colour Collection is my choice because of its suitability and accessibility for Filipinas. Using the brand’s makeup line, I could teach women to invest on a product ideal for their skin without spending a lot. They will just need a few key pieces to make the application and their look flawless,” explained Bianca.
 Here are some very helpful tips that she want us to share with you all!

And to help Filipinas women enhance their beauty, Bianca shares important beauty and make up tips.
1.    Always put on sunscreen. Protect your skin from sun damage even while wearing make up by putting sunscreen on your lips, face and neck especially when going out. Your lips can also get darker even if you have sunscreen all over your face. And remember to add sunscreen on your neck because it is the extension of your face, so that’s one whole part.

2.    Apply the right make up base. The shade of your foundation should be identical to your skin tone. The key is to go for the flawless fresh look where you don’t know where the makeup ends and begins as supposed to pasty white but dark everywhere else.  If you get your foundation wrong, everything else would be wrong. You could also use a tinted moisturizer like the Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream as your base. It is a versatile 5-in-1 product that acts as sunblock, moisturizer, whitening cream, makeup base and foundation in one. You can mix other foundation with BB Cream to make it darker or lighter, or a little bit of lipstick to create your own cream blush.
3.    Fix your eyebrows. The eyebrows frame the face. When you have groomed eyebrows, everything else will look groomed. Never over pluck because thinner eyebrows make you older, while fuller eyebrows show youthfulness. So, if you don’t know how to shape them, go to a salon. Have a professional shape them once, and just let them teach you how to follow the shape later on. Finally use an eyebrow pencil color lighter than your hair to fill in the gaps. This will make your face more lit up.
4.    Curl your eyelashes. Asian eyelashes tend to go down. It creates a shadow underneath, which makes the eyes’ dark circles more emphasized. So always curl your lashes and add waterproof mascara to prevent the curl from going down. Doing this will open up and accentuate your eyes.
5.    Find warm tone make ups. The best colors for Filipinas are neutral, warm tones like brown, peach, gold, cream, beige and bronze because these are the shades similar to our face. Apply just a brush of color to give warmth to your skin. For blush, try to find a shade similar to when you run or exercise and get the flush effect. This gives off a more natural and healthy look.
 6.    Accentuate your lips. For a dramatic effect, use a red lipstick (try Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick SPF15 in True Red) and pair with a black liquid eyeliner.  For an everyday look, create a soft finish similar to the finish of your natural lips. Always keep your lips hydrated. Use lipsticks that are enriched with Vitamin E like all of Colour Collection’s lipsticks. It makes your lips still look moisturized and supple even if the color wears off.
7.    Always consider the occasion and venue when putting on makeup. If it’s for a date, keep it simple. If it’s for a fashion thing with a lot of girls, you can go all out. If it’s in the office, know if it is a creative environment or more business and formal. Remember that it’s not just the clothes you’re wearing, because you also have to match your makeup to your clothes and the occasion.

8.    Use good makeup brushes. Have one set of even just the basic makeup brushes. If you have great brushes, then your application will be flawless. Great products will be useless if you don’t have the right tools to apply them with other than your fingers.

9.    Don’t spend a lot to look good. Invest on basic makeup products with the appropriate shades for your skin. Colour Collection offers a wide array of high-quality and dermatologist-tested makeup products that are affordable and right for the Filipina skin. Remember that beauty is not something you need to spend a lot on.

10.    Carry the right attitude. No matter how great your makeup is, your body language will show how you feel about your total look.  So make sure you feel comfortable about your clothes, hair and makeup. Remember, when you are confident and feel good about yourself, the people around you can tell and will react to you accordingly.

By following these tips from Colour Collection’s chief makeup artist Bianca Valerio, you can bring out the best of your unique Filipina features.

The intimate lunch date was with beauty and fashion bloggers, Lauren Dado, Sophie Uy, myself and Liz Lanuzo and the very renowned mom and lifestyle blogger, Ms. Noemi Dado. Unfortunately, a few of the usual suspects weren't able to join us. But we nevertheless, had a great time picking Bianca's brain for beauty tips and tricks.

Sophie Uy of

Lauren Dado, Sophie Uy, Liz Lanuzo and myself
Lovely Ladies who (seldom) lunch. Lol!

May of Colour Collection

Fuentes Manila's pretty hardworking people

Sophie, me and Krisca of Colour Collection

Expect a few posts on the Colour Collection products here in Shen's Addiction! And if you're eager to try their products, as raved by Bianca Valerio, please join my 3rd Anniversarry Contest as I would be raffling off some Colour Collection products that are surely going to work beautifully in our Filipina skin!

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  1. Hotie_shockz25/3/11 7:57 AM

    hi maam:)
    pki review naman po yung colour collection gluta whitening bb cream nila..
    thank you:)

  2. she's so gorgeous! thanks for sharing the tips miss shen!! :)

  3. Wow, she's super pretty. You're right, from what I've heard I totally admire her too... I wish I could even just be a makeup artist. Being a CHIEF makeup artist is a total dream!

  4. She's so pretty! She's now gonna be one of my idols, aside from you Shen ;) The tips she gave are totally what Filipinas need. Thanks for sharing those tips! :)

  5. She's so pretty! She's now gonna be one of my idols, aside from you Shen ;) The tips she gave are totally what Filipinas need. Thanks for sharing those tips! :)

  6. She's soo pretty!!!

    Actually, all you guys are!! Great post! :)

  7. ooh i had no idea na meron na local bb cream! galing ah :)

  8. Hotie_shockz29/3/11 8:03 PM

    yeah.. she's really beautiful inside and out.:)
    thanks for sharing..

  9. BiancaValerio2/4/11 7:01 PM

    Hi Shen,
    It was really so generous of you girls to come join me at the luncheon despite your busy schedules!
    If there's anything else I can help you guys with, with regards to beauty and all things, you can reach me via my website:

    Yes, there is a LOCAL BB Cream, finally and so affordable considering the bottle is HUGE!!! Super best for Oily skins as it's oil-free compared to think and heavy BB creams in the market.

    I'm hoping you can all support the season 2 of F.A.S.H. (Fashion and Style Hub) this April 28 on Lifestyle Network, Channel 52 Sky Cable. More "beckiness" and kikay galore this season!

    Take care sis,


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