Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notice for those Joining the 3rd Anniversarry Contest!!

I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm in joining my contest!! :) More prizes are in store, i promise you!! As in! Making me envy y'all!!

But please remember to like the Manila FB Representatives of the our Sponsors unless specified otherwise. :) I provided the links at the sponsor page, so just click them and you'll be directed to their websites. :)

and on that note...

Kiehl's have an announcement! :)

Missing out on Kiehl's Manila news? Like Kiehl's Manila now (remember: it has to be “Manila”!) for news and activities specific to the Philippines. Other Kiehl’s pages will give you other countries’ news. Join the fun and be in the loop with Kiehl's Manila :)

Like Kiehl's Manila, now! :)


hathor2 said...

good luck to the next batch of winners/contestants ☺♥

Michelle said...

I saw their store already!! :) I thought it was a restaurant because of the interiors. :)

Gigi Celemin-Beleno said...

LIKE Kiehl's Manila :)

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