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Urban Decay Primer Potions in Tubes?!?


Temptalia gave a sneak peek of what's new for 2011 for Urban Decay. But aside from the makeup remover, baked bronzers and the hint of a palette on the top right part, I was excited to see Urban Decay Primer in TUBES!!! Finally! After 3 years, we no longer have to slice open our UDPP's and we can now be sure that we get to the very last squeeze of it to protect our eye makeup from creasing.

It's in a similar packaging as their Complexion Primer Potion, which I tell you is a lot easier to use. Definitely more hygienic, too. What I love? No fear of losing the cap since you only need to twist the silver part like what you do with Elmer's glue and Viola! You get the amount of product you need! :) Neat, right?

Too bad, I have 2 more UDPP's here to finish. Lol!

photo courtesy of Temptalia. Link here. Thank you!

So, are you excited about the new Urban Decay Primer Potion packaging?

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