Avon ANEW Reveralist Day and Night Renewal Creams

Did you grow up getting scraped and bruises playing around with others kids? Do still notice the scars from those? Hardly right? Even the mosquito and flea bites I got all over my legs when I stayed at our family house in the provides when I was in second year high school disappeared that I know don't mind wearing shorter skirts and shorts. There was also a time I hurt myself with an iron back in highschool and the scar is barely visible now.

That's because our body heals a lot of faster when we were children. Our body triggers a key molecule, Activin, which speeds up the process of cell regeneration that quickly renews our skin. John Mayer was right, our body is a Wonderland. I love learning things about my body and how it operates even back in my childhood years and it never cease to astound me how well our body cope with the outside traumas.

Unfortuntely, like anything in this world, nothing last forever and as we age, our body can't cheal itself as faster as it used too. And more unfortuante is the fact that we are more prone to injuries even if we hardly. Can you believe that we get injuries even by just sleeping late and being stressed?

That's because our skin acquire wrinkles and according to Anew research scientists, wrinkles are like micro skin-injuries to our beautiful face. Sad, I know! This lead the talented and skilled researcher and scientists of AVON to find out how the skin naturally heals itself and if through Activin, they can create something that will improves the skin.

This gave birth to AVON Anew Reversalist Day and Night Cream that is bound to change how we see our wrinkles and fine lines.

With Activinol Technology that is in every jar of Anew Reversalist, there will be significant increase of production of Activin which leads to heal our problem areas, reduced skin wrinkles and better skint texture. That's because Activinol Technology has two biologically derived Pythochemicals, namely Amorphophallus which stimulates Activin production and Sesbania which boost skin support structure to help deliver less wrinkled less texture which results to supple skin.

With the number of anti-aging products out in the market and everyday we age... It could get pretty overwhelming and frustrating to find an anti-aging product that is right for us. All I can say is that do your research and when you find a product you like, allow at least 3 or 4 months before changing into another brand. Consistency is the key is finding out if a product really works and that goes for ever anti-aging.

I admit that Avon Anew Reversalist Day and Night Renewal Creams impressed me with their Activinol Technoloy. I love the fact that it actually just strengthens our Activin production and stimulates to the way it once did when we were younger. It is still our body that heals our skin!

So, if you feel like trying out this one and see if it works for you, it's actually quite affordable at P999 each.

Get in touch with you Avon Lady now or if you still don't have one, go to www.avon.com.ph and find out how to contact an Avon Rep.

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  1. wow if only the anew line isn't too expensive. but they work so well ☺♥ thanks for sharing

  2. Is this also smooth ur face and help to go scar in the face?


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