Rajo x Plains & Prints: Spring & Summer to Remember

Manila's fashionable creme de la creme graced the launching of Rajo Laurel x Plains & Prints collaboration for the Spring Summer Collection of the said brand. The internationally acclaimed designer took us all to the journey of how his designs are created, from alpha to its omega.

Joey Mead played host for the night

Rajo's Manifesto

From Inspiration, to Research, then Illustration and Pattern and the fabulous Fabrics he chose from. The Colors that are put together to create Prototypes that evolve to the campaign that unraveled before us that fateful night at White Space, Makati.

And as always with Rajo's designs, we women are it's recipient... the omega of all of this, is us!

This spring and summer we have a chance to look as fabulous as any woman who walks the runway, or any woman who knows her worth.

Most of the designs for this collection can be worn in 3 or more ways which is always a good thing for a woman who have a lot on her plate everyday. Rajo shares that one of the inspiration for these designs are because of his sister who is constantly on the go, not having time to change her attire from daytime to evening. With a little pull here, stretch there, sway and you've a got yourself an entirely different attire that is readily game for accessorizing.
I asked my the colors and he said that these shades are most versatile for anything which a woman won't have to work so hard to play around with bags or accessories. The muted colors are definitely up my alley as I my favorite accessory, which is gold, rightly shines in this collection.

I can't imagine all the work put into this! It's a whole new world for me, this world of fashion. And when Rajo took us to this journey (amazing conceptualization and execution, Robby Carmona) I was immersed and instantly attracted to playing around with it! It's just a few steps but it seems that one has to give all his heart and soul into every little to build a collection as fabulous as this one...
And to make it available for every women through Plains & Prints... oh the Joy!!


Isn't the pieces fabulous? And it's forgivable, too! All women of shape and sizes can definitely look gorgeous in each piece Rajo created.

Rajo, the Mastermind behind all this!

Divine Lee

Me with fellow Camille Farinas-Mathay
I really enjoyed attending events, seeing Chuvaness, Candy Dizon, Divine Lee, Rajo himself and of course blew me away. Thanks to Jenny for including me! I felt like a kid in a candy store looking through all the clothes and seeing all these famous people! :)

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  1. Nice! I love the colorful printed ones. : ) Rajo's design is so lovely. It is already available in the shop ?

  2. I LOVE the fact that it can be sported in different ways! The man's a genius!

  3. I hope there are florals somewhere in that collection. I have a pair of Babushka doll jeans from Plains and Prints, and I've been wearing it a lot lately.


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