Product Review: Neutrogena Body Oil

Happy Midweek, everyone!! The start of mine was pretty tough but I'm coping well. Anyway, have you ever tried body oils? The first one I tried was the Olive Oil Mist from The Body Shop. My mom introduced me to that when she was given a basket full of beauty products. It smelled really wonderful and since then I've been on a look out for my next body oil. Products came in and went but here's something good I've been using for the past two years.

It's the Neutrogena Body Oil

What I love...

1. The scent. I just love the scent of this body oil. It's not too strong and yet not too light as well. The light semase scent is just right for someone like me who's very choosy about the scent she wears.
2. Amazing moisturizer for all over body. You'll immediately feel the effects right after applying. Your skin will feel a lot less tighter and a bit more relaxed.
3. No sticky residue. I for one hates those lotions that tends to be sticky on the back of the knees, groin and underarm area. The Neutrogena doesn't leave that kind of residue at all.
4. Although this is an Oil-base products, it is not too greasy. The consistency is lighter than the usual body oil available.
5. Provides that nice sheen on the skin that is great for evening events.
6. Skin will show less signs of drying in weeks on use.

What I don't...
1. Not great to use on dry skin. For someone who removes all traces of water from her body, it took me awhile to just pat-dry myself and use this body oil.
2. The price may be a bit steep. But do watch out for SALES and PROMOS to save a few bucks.

Overall, this is one item that I think everyone could benefit from. This can even double as a massage oil for those who loves home service massage.

Recommendations: For those who hates the feel of lotions and body butter, no excuse to leave your skin high and dry. This is a good alternative for your skin.

Price: around Php699++

Addiction Rating:
"This is really a great body oil and certainly lives up to expectations."

much love,

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  1. Don't completely dry your skin after bathing, this one works better when you're sorta still wet :)

  2. I'm dying to buy this in Rustan's but my concern is that it might be too greasy on the skin. But I trust your post so I'll buy this soon. Haha! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. i lurve this body oil infact,i have been using this for 6 years now! :D

  4. i love neutrogena, what i miss are the shampoo and conditioner, the one that clears your hair of the residue left behind by other shampoos.

    that smelled wonderful as well, very faint and simple scent.

  5. I have dry skin so during winter it cracks and it hurts.I use this oil very effective on moisturizing your skin after bath.

    And during summer naman I can't use this after bath as it gives naman a different effect on me, so I combine Neutrogena Body oil with coarse salt and use it as a salt scrub. Leaves my skin smooth and moisturized after rinsing. =)


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