Shu Uemura x Aya Takano (A Christmas Collection)

Marie Antoinette would definitely drool over the the Christmas collection of Shu Uemura in collaboration with the talented Japanese Artist, Aya Takano.

The collection scream "me" like one hundred percent and I'm not sure if I can resist this. I've been on a shopping diet for months now and seeing this is like water after a long walk at the desert.

Reindeer Kiss XXXX Palette

Bowwow! Magic Queen Palette

High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula
(the print is too cute to resist!)

Blush tint
(rumored to be the first sold out item)

Lip Duo Tint and Gloss
(love the stackable pot. reminds me of Sanrio stuff)

Peach and Harmony Mini Brush Set
(every girl should have this)

Dream Coaster Premium False Lashes
(I'm sooo getting this one!!)

Magical Windfalls Partical False Lashes
(stickers can be out on the lashes!! exciting!)

I'll be surely bankrupt before Christmas. LOL!
But anyone who thinks I'm worthy of this (ehem! Santa! ehem!), I'll be really thankful. :)

much love,

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  1. go for it hun!! i'd love to see pics of the looks you create : )

  2. ohh the lashes are wicked :D!

  3. mini brush set, palette and lip tint duo are lovies :)

  4. Oh my. Those Christmas Palettes look irresistible! I think I'm going to drown in a pile of credit card bills if I don't resist...Huhuhuhu!


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