Product Review: ONE Naturales Body Scrub in Sweet Honey

Hello Ladies,

It's past two in the morning already on our time here I'm having a hard time catching Zzz's. A situation earlier this evening has caught me off guard and I found myself fuming mad on how I was treated. I was basically treated like a gatecrasher and that asking for a place to sit in was too much of a trouble for those people... I'm really very tolerant when it comes to those things but they got to so bad that I basically stormed out of the place and went to brave the rush hour traffic. Good thing I had my good friend to keep me company as I drove. Lest, I might have extended my anger to road range.

It's a good thing that I get to come home to such wonderful products I have at my disposal. One of those is ONE Naturales Body Scrub in Sweet Honey.

I remember that one reader asked me what good body scrub would I recommend. Well, here's a very long overdue answer.

My latest fave of body scrub is this one from ONE Naturales. It's made by a Filipina, Charade, and made from eco-friendly products and even the container is nature-loving since tins are easily recyclable and resuable.

What i love...
1. Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.
2. Made by a Filipina and it's a home-grown brand.
3. Dead Sea Salt and sugar isn't to harsh on the skin.
4. The oils that are used for this body scrub moisturizes my skin as it exfoliates.
5. Sweet honey has a wonderful light scent
6. Great to use alone even without using a body soap after scrubbing.
7. Leaves skin soft and dewy.
8. Oils doesn't linger on the skin after washing. It actually washes off easily with just water or shower.
9. Effectively exfoliates the skin.
10. Gives a nice hint of blush after shower from the scrubbing.
11. Great for sensitive skin!
12. It's organic!

What I don't.
1. Nothing!! This is an absolute favorite for me and I wish to own all the variants of ONE Naturales Body Scrub.

Recommendations: For those who are looking for a body scrub with undeniable quality, this one definitely going to your best bet. Not to mention that this brand is Pinay, written all over!! :)

I'm very pleased that many Filipino products are taking on the mainstream. My dream someday Filipinos will actually acknowledge more Filipino-made products other than those imported abroad. I do hope that as much as we support our foreign favorites, we also patronize those that our fellow contrymen (women, in this case) make.

And maybe, just maybe, we Filipinos will gain the respect we deserve.

Needless to say, this is a good products that could only be rated with a perfect score!

Addiction Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!!
"Will buy this again once I ran out. Probably, in all variants!"

Price: Php650.00 (approx., not sure..)

much love,

Available at all Beauty By SM at SM Department Stores and selected Watsons Stores Nationwide.

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  1. I keep seeing the ONE shelf everytime I pass by Watsons Gateway and I've been meaning to check them out. Organic FTW~

  2. Came across your blog by "accident". I like it! /


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