Product Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipsticks

Here's a makeup post for y'all! Sorry I've been blogging non-beauty related stuff. But I hope you're enjoying them. :)

Avon Ultra Rich Mega Lipstick

You've probably seen these lipsticks around a lot of blogs, in print ads, billboards and even commercials. Reese Witherspoon, an image model of Avon made this lipstick covetable for many women. After all, Avon is one of the top selling makeup in country and can reach even the farthest barrios in the land.

Avon now is joining the bandwagon when it comes to the demand of hi-definition makeup. This Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipsticks its Chromapixel Technology aim to make the usual color of lipsticks pop as they have never been before.

If you need a photogenic lipstick, this is the one for you. It may not be as pigmented as you think it is when first and may have to layer it several times but in photos, you'd see the difference. :)

Pumped It Up Peach, Really Rosy, Charged Cherry, Fuchia Pop, Pink Pop

Pink Pop

Fuchsia Pop

Charged Cherry

Really Rosy

Pumped It Up Peach

Pumped It Up Peach, Really Rosy, Charged Cherry, Fuchia Pop, Pink Pop

Pumped It Up Peach, Really Rosy, Charged Cherry, Fuchia Pop, Pink Pop

Rockin' Red, Pumped It Up Peach, Really Rosy, Charged Cherry, Fuchia Pop, Pink Pop

Rockin' Red, Pumped It Up Peach, Really Rosy, Charged Cherry, Fuchia Pop, Pink Pop

What I love...
1. Easy to apply.
2. The sparkly finish reminds me of MAC Lustre without the high price tag
3. Not too drying on the lips
4. Really looks good for photographs
5. All colors are wearable for all Filipina
6. Easily accesible to in the Philippines
7. Cute simple packaging
8. Edgy lipstick shape
9. No funky taste except what usual lipstick tastes like.

What I don't...
1. Formulation is too soft that it can't stand heat too much.
2. Not as pigmented as said in the commercial
3. Some might find this expensive at Php499.00 for an Avon lipsticks.
4. Staying power is good until you eat, smoke or drink.

Me wearing Rockin' Red while having dinner at Pasto
for my 27th birthday with my cousins and friends.
That's my beautiful cousin, A, right there. :)

Wearing Pink Pop during my birthday dinner with friends at work held at Yedang.
That's my wonderful and supportive BF, R.

Pink Pop swatch up close.

Addiction Rating:
"Nice selection but I'm looking forward for the next Avon Lipstick collections."

I've been wearing these lipstick a lot lately. My favorites are Pink Pop, Rockin' Red and Pumped It Peach. But then I haven't used the reds just yet. But those I mentioned are both safe and the Rockin' Red a bit edgy. I love the glossy finish but I know many may not be partial to it. As for me, I like the finish. Unfortunately, I can't relate it too much to the name or the commercial that it makes reds rich and pinks pop. Probably it's because of the sparkles that it catches light really well and the formulation is really soft that it makes the lips appear softer and more evenly colored. Well, that's just me.

Personally, I'd suggest you get a color that will suit something for the night like Charged Cherry and the Rockin Red that is so apt for the fall season.

It's weekend already!! Hoping for a fun Saturday and a restful Sunday to all of you!!

much love,

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  1. The pink pop looks beautiful on you.

  2. they look very creamy and have nice shine and color!

    i will definitely try some avon soon.

  3. lol they look like crayons! Really rosy looks nice.

  4. Pink pop looks so nice on you Shen! you're right 499 is a bit expensive for an Avon lipstick, but the colors are really lovely!

  5. i also have a couple of avon lippies but their staying power is bad. :c
    hope this line is better!
    pink pop looks really nice! it has this pinkish gold appearance, tama ba? i'm thinking of purchasing it together with the pumped up peach


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