October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My breasts are as important to me as my hands. Yes, I am that blunt. Why? Because I know I can lose it. I can lose it to breast cancer. Darn. I can even lose my life because of it.

October is not only know for Octoberfest but it is now known word wide as the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many organizations who devote their efforts in research and development for prevention and cure against this horrible disease. We are encourgaed to learn everything about it.

So this October, let's try and join an organization who raises awareness against breast cancer.

We surely have come a long way. Breast Cancer still kills a lot women all over the world and even up to now we are unsure if we are all safe from this disease. Let us all support any cause that provide aids to the research and development of both prevention and cure against this disease.

Let us all pray that nobody in our family ever experience this disease... And to those who are unfortunate to have developed this disease, may they have the strength of mind, body and heart to survive against it, breast intact or not.

much love,

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