YumYum: Red Ribbon Chocolate Fudge Cake (Just Because We Like Anything Sweet)

Red Ribbon's got a new cake and it will make your mouth water. It sure made mine did.
When Red Ribbon invited me toi witness the unveiling of their latest cake, I knew I was done for.
For heaven's sake, it was chocolate cake!!

It's fudgy, moist, thick, yummy. It's the Chocolate Fudge Cake!

They are presenting this as Dessert as Comfort Food... For those days that you just need that certain something to get through or simply something that'll make you feel good.

Well, here's some photos. Don't shoot me if it starts to make you crave for a piece, ayt?

I'm particular to salty treats but a choco fudge cake with its sweet icing will always always have me comforted.

Darn, now I want one again.

much love,

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  1. holy crap that looks friggin delicious :DDDD

  2. Argh! >_< Now I feel like going to the cake shop. That cake looks so so good... =/

  3. OMG Shen you had me drooling over this one. Red ribbon's chocolate cake is really one of the best for me! I will make sure to try this out.

    Super Femme

  4. droool..droool.. *faint*
    that's one yummy-licious looking cake!


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