Mile Hi Diner in Eastwood City

The BF and I decided to tag along with my cousin and her BF for a night of massage at Blue Water Day Spa in Eastwood. But I won't talk about that now. I'm here to share our meal in Mile Hi Diner in Eastwood City after a relaxing (laughing trip) massage.

I like diner restaurants. From the theme to the corner booths to the uber amounts of food in my plate, I just adore them!!

The cousin ordered Chicken Pesto which she found satisfying. She's a fan of pesto and anything chicken so she had fun with this one.

Check out our other orders and mine, too!!

The BF ordered the BBQ Pork Spareribs. Ron loves his meat (ehem!!) but this one didn't quite make the cut. But as for me, I found this really tasty and juicy. Ohhhh!! I do love meat, too! The rice is so-so but goes well with the spareribs.

I had the Hungarian Sausage Sandwich. Hungarian sausage is something I'm particularly found of. I would order or buy them at the grocery and cook them at home. And I was certainly craving for one that night. So far, it was good. I just didn't enjoy the relish/sauce so much. :) I like my sausaug drowning in plain mayo and ketchup. But who knows, you might like it. My cousin did. :)

The popular Mile Hi Burger is the cousin's BF's order. He loves pork the same way all of us do and this one he likes.

Nothing like a good soda to partner with our diner food. Ahhhh!! How I love a good cold pop with greasy food. :)

Here's a few photos of Mile Hi Diner in Eastwood:

Overall, the experience were a so-so for me. I know I'd be visiting again but I doubt I'd be soon. There are more diner restaurants opening lately and I would like to try them all. :)

Addiction Rating:
"Will try to order other food on the menu for my next visit. I don't think I made the right choice on my first visit. "

much love,

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