Cause: Pepsi Ayos Pinas Beach Clean-up (The Day I Wore No Makeup)

It will take a lot to wake me up in the morning. But when I got a message to join the Pepsi Ayos Pina Beach Clean-up, I really couldn't say no. Who can when you're we are talking about taking Mother Nature, right?

If you see the view of Pico De Loro and the state of Calayo Cove, please click to read further. :)

It takes a lot now for people to volunteer for this kind of thing but I was surprise with the number of people who came for the clean-up. We were nearly two buses full of people who's about to endure a more two hours drive going to Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas. For a so-not-morning person that I am, I was pretty shaken up from the ride.

It was a good thing that my busmate, Nancy, was there to make chicka with. We got talking about our family and why we were there. Nancy is a work-at-home mom who thought to give up that saturday to do her share in ensuring that nothing like Ondoy proportions happen again in our country. She left sad leaving her daughter to her mom but she thought that she can't let go of this chance.

I was pretty much impressed with how Pepsi organized this event. We had travel insurance, more than enough drinks to keep us hydrated (there was gatorade, propel, tropicana, mineral water and of course, pepsi, to choose from), the lunch and PM snacks were delicious (my favorite lechon kawali and chicken barbeque were the choices), there was shirts, oatmel cookies and caps given to us, too. Needless to say, they tried to make it comfortable to us.

The best part of it all was the chance to see Pico De Loro, Hamilo Coast. SM is developing condominium units there.. a sort of exclusive beach resort. I was just floored by the magnificent view. SM representatives did their best to preserve the nature and to not touch too much and made sure that they are still keeping with the regulations of the laws in our country. I'm happy to know that.

World Wildlife Fund was there to facilitate the clean-up. We were re-educated with how our trash affects our lives, telling us how many years in takes different trash decompose and how these trash could kill many endangered animals like the humped-back whales. It's inspiring how these people (who were younger than I am) devote a good amount of their time for this cause. How many of us can actually do that now?

Nothing prepared us for the garbage that scattered around the public beach in Nasugbu. I was assigned with Team Calayo, we will clean the public beach of the said barrio. I wanted desperately to take in the view but the stench from the sand were stopping me. It was disgusting. I can't believe that that could happen to a beach that supposedly beautiful.

The Team Calayo were divided to pick different garbage, mine were plastics. Unfortunately, beach goers think that their plastic wastes will just dissolve easily as they discard them. Straws, plastic wrappers, candy wrappers, plastic ropes, caps and even medicine droppers were scattered all over the beach. It was gross but yes, these all came from us. It actually made me think of those candy wrappers I discard in Manila.

Having gone to a college where in throwing your "kalat" is nearly an offense, I had a lot of practice "being neat" and cleaning up after myself properly. Even as kids, were taught the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle method of disposing our trash. But how many of us actually practice it? I don't have to tell you how much our garbages hurt our nature and how it affects our lives in process. You can read those in newspaper and see them on TV. Ondoy is actually a good example.

There they all are, the volunteers are cheery and quite satisfied with making made a difference. :) I'm pretty pleased with myself, too. It's true when they say that when you do something good, you feel it riverberating inside you. Even under the sweltering heat of the sun, I was just all my cheery self. I had tons of fun you can't imagine!! :) I met so many wonderful people who did this all on their own accord. I met the people behind this who can't help but just be awed by the number of those who came. And the view of Pico De Loro... amazing! Top to that, we got Mother Nature a little makeover... How fun, right?

If there is one thing I took home from that event (aside from the meringue and torrenes de kasy) is that I need to rethink of how I take care of my surroundings and not just my body, mind and yes, my face.

I wondered at first why they would invite a beauty blogger to such event, what can a girl who knows how to do a perfect gel lining and could bronze her face away have something to do with a beach clean-up? But I guess, it just means that anyone should care about what happens to nature... from the most mundane of person to those who makes it their career to protect nature.

It's not just the coasts but everywhere. If we could make time to do our makeup, I guess it wouldn't be too much if we try to change our lifestyle, right?

Bloggers who came to the event. Pinoy Fitness, Anna and me!

Fellow busmate Enid and friend. (i'm bad with names!!)

So, the next time Pepsi does this event again, I recommend all of us to volunteer. Fun day with friends, help nature and enjoy the view... that's how we should spend our Saturdays. :)

much love,

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  1. You look great without make-up!

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