Red Lips Day

So, you want to try that red lispticks you have tucked away in your vanity drawer? Christmas is near and this is one of days that you can sport the luscious scarlet puckers!

I'm giving you an idea on how to get the simple look with red lips. :)

The only tip is pretty easy, keep your eyes simples. :) Yes, you can using shimmer or satin eyeshadows for added character. :)

More tips:
Brighten eyes with eyeliner and mascara.
Hide those dark undereyes with a good lightening undereye concealer
Cover acne and dark spots with a good concealer and foundation.
Fix brows to avoid washed out look on the eye part.
Apply a pretty pink blush to give color to your face.
Apply your favorite lipstick
Optional: Use false lashes to accentuate the eyes better.

Pretty easy, eh? It's like doing your regular daily no makeup makeup look but just changing your lipstick to red. :)

Really, nothing is difficult with makeup. :)

There you have it, a Red Lips Day! :)

I'm using *Maybelline Colorsentional Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Summer Sunset.
This tends to bleed so prep your lips with a lip liner of the same color to prevent it.

Eye are from Urban Decay Palettes and *Maybelline Gel Line in Brown
Mascara is *Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash

Thanks for reading! Hope you got the inspiration to use red lipstick here! :)

much love,

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  1. I love red lips and I think u look great in them too!


  2. you look sophisticated shen.. :D

  3. Bagay mo mag red lips sis!

  4. nice!
    you look great in red lips.
    btw i'm wearing red lips today also.

  5. Hi Shen,

    I'm just a newbie in makeup, I would really appreciate if you could visit my blog:

    PS: I'm also a Filipina but I live and work in the UK, I love your posts keep it up!

  6. Red lips really suits you well, Shen. I love wearing red lippies too, however, whenever my mom sees me wearing bright red lipstick, she would ask me to dab a tissue on my lips because they're just too red! :( She's not a fan of red kasi...she prefers nude colors

  7. super love the red lips post! =) though i'd prolly just line my eyes and use a small dab of blush if i use a shocking red on my full lips. - trace

  8. Hi Shen :) Thanks for this post, I must say that this lipstick shade is a great find and it looks fab on you too :)


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