TV Show: FASH - Fashion and Style Hub, hosted by Bianca Valerio

Yesterday, I got invited to one fashionable gathering for the press conference of FASH (Fashion and Style Hub) show that will air tonight on Lifestyle Network at 10 in the evening.

During the event I got to meet the beautiful and ever so fabulous host of FASH, Bianca Valerio. She is not new to the fashion industry as she usually grace the fashion catwalks herself. A certified guru in makeup artisty, she aims to share her knowledge in beauty and how to prettify yourself that is intune with the current economy.

Bianca shares that her style is forever revolving but aims to do this the cheapest way she could. Even her outfit during the presscon that seems to rattle with lots of $$$ signs isn't really. She got her fabulous labeled red dress 80% off, her bejeweled red ring is less than Php500. Her shoes she says are from Stellaluna, a splurge she often have once in awhile. It's gratifying to know that we don't have to spend tons of money to look fabulous. Bianca even shares that the more affordable her finds are, the more she has money to spend on shopping.

Bianca teamed with 3 fabulous and gorgeous stylish men who shares her passion either in fashion or in beauty. Celeb Stylist John Lozano, who dresses many of the Philippine celebrities will share you tips on how to translate international trends to our local scene. Purveyor of style Ferdie Salvador will polish our fashion vocab as well us keep us in tune to the latest and hottest of fashion trends. Personal shopper Ram De Vera will aim to inspire us to change our styling philosophies and how to maximize what we have in our closet. Stylist Extraordinaire Borge Aloba will teach us on how to get the Hollywood worthy 'do as well as to share tips and trick on hair management and styling.

I got to personally interview each and every guru of the show and they have a few things to share to you guys even before the show comes up.

John, who is so at ease with any fashion trends, inspires us to look into our personality and work out that confidence. There is nothing like a self-confidence to make wow everyone with outher fashion choices.

shares that if there is one thing you we should splurge on, it is bags and accessories. Timeless pieces that could mesh well in every trend. So, I say let's not feel bad on pruchasing those Louis Vuitton and Hermes belts! Can I just say that I am in love with with Hampton-inspire clothing? :)

Both John and Ferdie, advises that we don't necessarily have to follow all the fashion trends. Rather let us take a snippets of it to incorporate in our attire.

Ram, who awed me with his style knowledge, shared that we need to our clothes a timeline. If we haven't worn something in say, 6 months or a year, maybe its time to gather our friends for a wardrobe trade.

Borge, whom I asked on how to get a fabulous looking hair everyday, shares that one should do their hair regimen in the evening. Allow hair's natural oils to be the one to give you that vavavoom hair in the morning. He even shared that we should embrace our natural waves and curls instead of having to submit to tons of hair treatments.

With just a few minutes of interviews, I was able to learn a lot from these fabulous people and I can say that the show will definitely be a hit to those who wants to be stylish but do not care to break their banks. Ehem! That's me, right there.

I am in awe with how humble the creators and cast of the shows. I admit that I got extremely intimidated by the creators and casts of the show but these people in some levels are just like us who loves fashion and beauty.

Personally, I'm glad that Lifestyle Network has created a show that will inspire us to be a little fabulous but not frivolous.

Let me share to the segments that you will definitely get addicted to:
With a revolving door of weekly features, you’re sure to find something to work for you and your image. Quick, simple and easy fashion and style tips come your way with STYLE 101, where expert advice is just 30 seconds away. STYLE DIARY gives you an in-depth look at an iconic fashion figure, and an occasional peek into their own stylish lives. The latest trends are translated to everyday wear with RUNWAY FOR REAL – a themed mini-fashion show that brings worldwide trends to everyday Filipino life. BLACK BOOK brings you a historical yet stylish take on iconic fashion items, designers and everything else that make style what it is today.

Then there’s
OUT OF THE CLOSET, where everyday people get a chance to revamp their wardrobe by creating a new sense of style with what they already have (plus two or three new pieces from us!) BEAUTY AFFAIR gives you the how-to’s of achieving a celeb look from hair to make-up. MOST WANTED brings you some of the season’s hottest products, while RUNWAY REPORT takes you to the catwalks of famous designers for the freshest and hottest collections. Speaking of which, FASHION PATROL is your access pass to all the latest events and happenings that attract all the fashionable people – and we get to dish on what they’re wearing. Same with STREET STYLE where we roam the metro and get the lo-down on what actual people are wearing out on the town. - from Lifestyle Network

It's a fashion smorgasbord. FASH will sure rock your world.

Catch them tonight, 10pm on Lifestyle Network!!!

FASH is on Lifestyle Network every Thursday, 10pm
Catch replay every Saturday, 5pm

I'm gathering the friends on Saturday to watch the show with some sparkling wine before dinner. Why not do the same?

Cheers to the wonderful team of FASH!!

much love,

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