Tipid Birthday Plans Because of Enjoy Philippines

I really have no idea what to do for my birth on September 15 of this year. I'm turning 27 and I wish to relive my youthful days. When I got my Enjoy Card, I was surprised to know that there are tons of deals that I could take advantage of. And I plan to do that on my birthday.

So, now I do have plans...

On the day of my birthday, Sept 15 (Wedenesday), I will enjoy the following pampering sessions:

1. Visit The Spa for some massage. With Enjoy Card, I get Php300 off for every individual services.
2. Visit Posh Nails in Greenhills with the BF and avail the Buy one Take One Footspa with the voucher I got along with my Enjoy card.
3. Visit The Strip for the much needed Bikini and Leg wax. I get 10% off for cash purchases on any services there with Enjoy card

At night, the BF and I will probably go with Dad and have dinner. Dad loves Chinese food so I think we'll go to Little Asia at McKinley and get a complimentary Japanese Tofu Steak along with our meals.

That should finish off the day nicely, don't you think so?

On Saturday of September 18, 2010, I'll be meeting up with dear friends at Greenbelt 5.

I've been dying to try the food at Mr. Jones. I love Diner style restos and I think my friends will enjoy this as much as I do. Great thing though because with my Enjoy Voucher I get Buy Two Ger One Free Main Course. And if I choose my card instead, it's 10% off when my bill amounts Php1000 or more. Love it.

The night wouldn't end just like that. Since we are in Greenbelt 5, we might as well cross over to Greenbelt 3 and hit Barcino. After all I get one bottle of Altozano Wine when my purchase amounts to Php12000 or more.

Since we're already a bit buzzed, dancing would be a good way to get rid of possible hangover. My favorite part of the night will be going to Encore at The Fort. If we get there before 12MN, I can get two complimentary entrance using my Enjoy Card. Or I could use my voucher and get buy one take one on bottle service (except champagne). Fabulous!!

And since I will probably have spare cash to spend with all the discounts I was able to get and save... I'll finally get a hard copy of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert at Fully Booked. With my Enjoy card, I get 10% off on my purchase. What a deal!

Yes, I am loving my Enjoy Card for only Php1,995, I get tons and tons of deals to fabulous places. Dining, wining, shopping and relaxing has never been this fun and a lot more affordable. These days, a girl needs to be smart when it comes to spending, don't you think so?

Well, I'm sure its gunna be a happy happy 27th birthday for me! :)

much love,

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  1. advance happy birthday, shen! 1983 din ako, october naman. if i'm not mistaken, you're a libran also? :)


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