Brush Lovin': Sigma SS150 Large Powder Brush

Do you own a Large Powder Brush? I didn't at first before I got the SS150 and it changed me.

Sigma SS150 Large Powder Blush

Ideal for all over powder application for face and body such as finishing powders, bronzers and blushes.

I never owned a brush as big as this one (even those that I got from ebay). This is one ginormous all over brush that came in handy when I wish to apply bronzers to my decolletage and shoulders. A reader once asked me how to make her shoulders shine like that of the Hollywood stars at red carpet. One way to achieve that is by applying shimmer powders like Ellana's Finishing Powder-Super Sparkles or if you're on the tan side, some bronzer will give you that shine you need.

To make sure you get an even but subtle application, using Sigma SS150 is the best brush for the brush. The bristles are dense enough to attract enough product but the large head is definitely ideal for large areas as such shoulders, arms and decolletage.

I've been using the Sigma SS150 for blush application and it is amazing! Cuts my application time in half. The hair is natural but very soft. It really transfers the product well. Its not too big that I don't have control on where the product goes.

Another love for the brush is when i use to apply my finishing powder. Since its an all over brush, setting my foundation with a finishing powder is a breeze.

Closer look at SS150

Side view of SS150

The Sigma SS150 also doesn't bleed too much upon first washing. And the dye does not transfer to the face. The brush also dries faster after washing which is always a plus for me. And hardly no shedding after first wash.

Top view of SS150

I highly recommend this brush to anyone who is starting out a makeup artistry career. This is one brush that many makeup artist will love because it deals with a lot of application. As a makeup artist, I don't like changing brushes often although it is needed. With SS150, I can use this for blush, bronzer and finishing powder application.

As for makeup enthusiast, a good large brush is hard too find. Often, some of them are course and itchy. This one is just right. I'm really glad that I have this brush on my stash. It's versatile and sturdy.

Good news to everyone, Sigma brushes now are available to us Filipinas! Pink Slippers are now selling them almost the same as Sigma. The price difference is hardly noticeable, I tell you. So if you wish to have your SS150, head on over to and order yourself one.

If you wish to see the brushes in person, check them out at the Urban Bazaar at Rockwell on August 27 to 29, 2010.

Sigma SS150 is only Php960 if I remember correctly.

Addiction Rating: 10/10

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  1. Ganda ng brush ng Sigma sisterhood no? :)

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am planning to join a pre-order but I'll just go to Rockwell tom to check out the brushes :)


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