Skin Art: Nothing is Impossible To The One Who Wants It

Nil Diffile Volenti - Nothing is impossible to the one who want it

My second ink, Nil Difficile Volenti means nothing is impossible to the one who wants it. I researched the maxim when I initially wanted "Because I can..." phrase tattooed. But it didn't feel right.. Like I was being too proud or something. So I set my heart on Nil Difficile Volenti to be the lifelong words that will inspire me to motivate myself. To many people, I look so carefree and nonchalant but deep inside I am all sorts of nerve. I get scared to do the things I need to do in order to further myself. I am often scared sh**less to actually do something. Its like I'm in constant battle with myself.

We all want to do something, be something... but oftentimes, it is not really others that stops us.. it's actually ourselves.

I also place a lotus flower at the end of the latin maxim to remind me that despite all the difficulties that I will be facing, I will rise above it in full bloom. Much like how a white lotus blossom from a muddy and murky water. I have been through many hard times since I was young that my tears could probably water a thousand plants. I see those tears watering me instead and that in the end, I will become beautiful where it matters most... on the inside. Lotus flower also symbolized many of the things I want to instill in me... resurrection, enlightenment and potential.

It quite a serendipitous moment as well to place a lotus on my ink when lotus blossoms at the first of rains because it was raining when I got this tattoo.

I love tattoos. I am passionate about them. I wish I could get all sorts of tattoos. But I consider getting ink a lifetime commitment. Something I really have to think about before actually getting it. It took me nearly a year and a half before I finally got my second ink. But during those months, the urge was in me... I knew it won't be my last. But since I didn't find anything too significant in my life worth getting inked for... I waited and waited and waited. Until finally, I did it. I found a reason to get that second ink.

I guess my second ink marks a period in my life where in I know that I can do anything if only I summon the courage do finally do something about it. With courage blossoms rebirth of a new persona that I have always wished for myself.

much love,

My second ink was done by Frances, a 24 year old blackbelter with dreams of becoming a lawyer and have been practicing the art of tattooing since she was 19 years old. I highly recommend her if you want small, intricate and detailed tattoos. You can get inked by her at their cozy stall in Tiendesitas, Pasig City. Find out more about her at Will post more about Immortal Tattoo soon.

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  1. i like your new tat. i especially like the lotus flower and what it symbolizes. tattoos should be like that, a visual reminder of what our mindset should be and where our lives must take us. hmmm. here i am yapping about symbolisms when in fact, i really didn't have any special reason for getting a butterfly on my back. i just thought it was cute. hahaha.

  2. love the ink Shen! it's soo pretty!

    the hubby and I have always wanted a tattoo.. but we promised to have kids first before we do it..

    wanted to have two at the side of my right hand and on my neck line

  3. nice tattoo! i have 3 already and i want another one. it's been 16 years since my first tat and about 10 yrs since my last one. it's about time i get another one. :)

  4. Nice! I got a few inks too...2 of them are in latin. Actually you gave me an idea...I might actually post my inks on my blog, maybe. :)



  6. "this", sorry but i'm Italian



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