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Winner: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Collection


Congratulations to Janeuarymmiv for winning the Neutrogena Fina Fairness Collection.

Please email me at shensaddiction(at)gmail(dot)com for your shipping address! :)

Hope you enjoy the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Collection and may you achieve the fairness you've always dreamed of. :)

much love,

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2 fab comments

  1. I already Emailed you shen!

    Thanks for your wonderful contest..
    Cant wait for the prices :]

    GOd bless♥

  2. Hello Ms. Shen,

    Your reviews on different beauty products are very helpful.

    I'd like to ask, have you tried using the neutrogena fine fairness skin care line? If yes, please share your thoughts about this skin care line from neutrogena.




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