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I miss my I-Lash Extensions


I think I should go back and get another lash extensions.
I miss having my eyes looking like this. :)

Vavavoom lashes definitely makes up for my oily, pimple-ridden and chubby face. :)

For products used on the face: Urban Decay Book of Shadows II, Maybelline Felt tip Line, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in 1999. Can't remember what I used on my face.. but its mostly Shu Uemura Nobara Cream and Pureglow Mineral Blush in Hot Pinch.

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5 fab comments

  1. Wow, your eyes look fab in those pictures! I'm thinking about getting lash extensions too, but it's so expensive... I don't know! 0=

  2. You're beautiful!
    Stop being so hard on yourself.

  3. Yes Yes and Yes Shen. =)It is great to wake up every morning with beautiful eyes hihihi

  4. got the same extensions a few months back. i miss them too as they made my eyes look not as chinky as they currently are :)

  5. I got my iLash extensions a couple of weeks back and I think theyre really itchy in the eyes...I removed em brutally after a week. :( I guess iL just stick to my real hair lash from the beauty bar.

    Nice blog btw! :)


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