FOTD: Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream and Copper tones with Urban Decay Alice Palette

It's been a while since my last FOTD. I've been all too lazy and usually out of the house with just sunscreen on. I got sick the weekend before last and since then I hardly put on makeup. Also the weather isn't that cooperative lately. With all the rain, well let's just say that I've been a bit under the weather of late. Let's not even discuss about what happened at the hostage-taking last week. Really, who would have time and the morale?

But last Friday, I went to work and finally decided to put on some makeup. I will be meeting up with friends after. My face hasn't been behaving and I swear its taking revenge on me for all the late night I've been doing playing with God Finger and We Rule on my Iphone. So what does a beauty enthusiast do? Use a BB Cream to help heal her skin but at the same time provide a decent coverage.

I used the Dr. Jart Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label (otherwise know as Dr. Jart Silver BB Cream). Since it's known that it has whitening and great for oily skin, this is the BB Cream that suited me that day.

Result of BB Cream topped with my Ellana Pure Blend 2-1 Concealer Foundation is a such a great combination. My mineral foundation sets my BB Cream. Some may find it a bit too much for their skin since Pure Blend has a heavy coverage. You can opt for a light to medium coverage instead. But me, I love it. Reduces oil production and covers my problem spots really well. Yes, I didn't use any concealer here except for my under eyes.

Now on the the eyes.

Like I said, don't be surprised if I've been using my Urban Decay Palettes all the time. I really need to finish even jsut one palette. LOL.

Used my Maybelline Smooth Felt Liner as eyeliner to make the winged tipped. Didn't bother to highlight my brow bone for the day.

Used my Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash for my mascara. Its a lash grower and mascara in one! I think this is the one with an ad that has Jessica Biel on it. I'll be reviewing this one for days to come so I really need to get that makeup mojo back. :)

I'm looking forward in making a lot more FOTD with days to come. BF finally switched places with me and my vanity is now right beside the terrace door. It'll be so much easier and quicker to take pics of my looks with the natural light. Maybe insert a bit of tutorial a blogger friend asked me to do.

Another thing, I've been using a new set of professional brush for all my makeup application lately. It's really something. I can't tell yet what brand it is but I'm telling you now that the quality is awesome. :) Yes, it will be available locally!

Happy weekday, everyone!!

much love,

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  1. im a fan of Dr. Jart Silver BB Cream too! you look lovely Shen!

  2. Your make up enhances your natural beauty and I like it. :)

    C'mon, don't keep us waiting as to which brushes those are. :P But I am secretly hoping that the brushes are Sigma. :)

  3. @shopcoholic, not as lovely as you sis! :)

    @pammy, thanks so much for that. :) i do believe that makeup really enhances our beauty.. sometimes even makes us feel prettier when we don't feel like it.

    The brushes aren't sigma. though. :( although you can see a lot of reviews about it already. this one well... its homegrown. really fit for us Pinays. :)

  4. Hi Shenn..been visiting your blog for the past year though its my first time to post a comment..just wanna let you know i really admire you and your blog is very educational for me..been also revisiting prev posts that iver missed in the past..keep it up lovely!



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