Listerine's Vanilla Mint Mouthwash is LOVE!

Do you a sweet tooth? Are you as OC as I am when it comes to taking care of your teeth, gums and mouth? Let me tell you about something I found out thanks to my good friends.

Listerine, the no. 1 brand of mouthwash created something that many of us have cravings for. Although I love mouthwash and its minty fresh feel, I'm often annoyed with the stinging feel it gives to my mouth and tongue. It is just not a good thing to deal with when you gargle for 2 minutes.

Listerine combined two of my favorite flavors into one spectacular mouthwash!

Listerine Vanilla Mint. :)

It's so crazy good, it doesn't even taste like a mouthwash!

Listerine is currently conducting a fab contest over their facebook account. "The Search for the Yummiest Friend" which is an interactive Facebook application where you Listerine-lovers can nominate your yummiest friends. You can also vote and interact with online friends. Get a chance to win Listerine giftpacks and Ipod Shuffles in the process!

Head on over to to know more about this fabulous search for the Yummiest friend. :)

So whatcha waiting for?? Go on over there and vote for your Yummy Friend!!!

much love,

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  1. Now this sounds interesting! I'm a sucker for anything sweet, too!

  2. Hi, where are the mechanics for this contest? im confused

  3. Listerine has discontinued the Vanilla Mint flavor.
    They apparently don't want us to enjoy our dental hygeine regiment anymore.

  4. Why have they discontinued the Listerine Vanilla Mint flavor? I used to buy it in large quantities when my husband worked for J&J and now I can't find it anywhere. I'm almost out and am very sad.


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